That is right ladies and gentlemen. iOS has been jailbroken! But who are the people behind this? And how was it accomplished? Find out in this episode of Pass the Salt!

Right of the bat, There have been a vulnerability found in Discord’s system. So be careful for anyone who is messaging you anything suspicions. Next, the kernel for the original XBox has been leaked. Quite the luck for the emulating community. And the leaks just keep going. In this case, a review for the 10900k was leaked by a Chinese tech reviewer. I really hope this does not hurt companies trust in reviewers (we would like to be there one day).

But wait, there’s more!

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For the final bit of news, iOS is now jailbroken 100%. But, what does this entail? Well thanks to a previously unknown exploit, you can now jailbreak every iOS iteration without fail. As usual with something like this, we understand the enjoyment of breaking out of apples walls, but be careful with doing so. they do put up those wall for a reason after all.

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