In a new series I’m looking to start, I want to drop an interview with streamers every week to highlight them! This week’s streamer is EmericaGirl24!


What is your Twitch/Mixer username?

Performance Lab®  - Not all supplements are the same



What games do you normally stream?

I play a TON of Overwatch but, I’m slowly introducing more multiplayer games!


What stigmas have you had to overcome?

Some people think I’ve only had success streaming because I’m a female, but I think making a long-term connection with people who come to my streams is really the deciding factor of whether or not people come back.


How long have you been streaming?

A little over a year and half! I started streaming in December of 2015.


PC or Console?

Although I love gaming on all platforms, I only stream on console.


Do you ever play with your viewers?

YES! This is one of the main reasons I started streaming!


What is your favorite part of streaming?

There are so many things I love about streaming, but making a connection over a game I also love with people from all over the world is my number one favorite part. Without Twitch and Mixer, I wouldn’t have ever made the friends I have today!


What are some of your other hobbies?

Watching shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Tons of YouTube and trying out new games I don’t stream!


Do you have a stream schedule?

Yep I stream 4 times a week with an extra stream thrown in there from time to time. I stream Tuesday at 8 pm PT on I stream Friday at 7:30 PM PT, Saturday at 3 PM PT and Sunday at 3 PM PT at


Any tips for new streamers?

Don’t become discouraged! Things will start out slow but be consistent, chat with people who write in your chat (Don’t call out the lurkers), and play games you enjoy! People can tell when you’re having fun!


Who are your favorite streamers?

akaScratch, embopp, Rogaine701, and Dinotective.


Any parting words?

If you have been thinking about giving streaming a try but haven’t taken the leap yet, go for it! You don’t need a crazy set up to get started. When I first began streaming I was so shy I wouldn’t even use a microphone to talk to people in chat but you will find your own rhythm and see what works best for you and don’t be afraid to try new things!


I’ve been a fan of EmericaGirl24 since the first time I popped into her streams so be sure to follow her on Twitch, Mixer, and Twitter!

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