If you like video games with innuendo in the title, Save Your Nuts may be right up your alley. The first game from Montreal indie studio Triple Scale Games, Save Your Nuts puts you and your friends in the roles of a pack of small furry animals, such as dogs and squirrels, working as opposing teams to grab the other players nuts, er, acorns.

Save Your Nuts’s primary draw is the eight-player multiplayer, pitting two teams of four players in three different modes. The first, “Capture the Nuts” is a traditional soccer game, where you try to punt 5 acorns in the other team’s goal. The second, “Thieves”, has a sinister approach: Each team starts with five nuts and must steal the other’s to win. The final mode, “Battle”, is as simple as the titles implies – You just fight and kick to the death! Those poor animals…

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Complementing these three styles of play are a set of items that randomly generate throughout the map. There’s a bomb, a speed-enhancing jetpack, and the most disgusting one, a speed-deterring poop trap.

Save Your Nuts has a variety of playing fields to choose from. There’s a forest-filled gorge with two rivers and a windmill, a busy street sandwiched between two railroad tracks, and a backyard lawn with a picnic table and garden utensils. Clearly, Triple Scale spent a while developing the worlds that players will fight these matches in.

The full version of Save Your Nuts is set for a Steam release on April 24th. While Triple Scale says that they intend to release the game on consoles, that might be a little way off, since there’s no definite console release window on their site.

About Triple Scale Games

The team of Triple Scale comes from a variety of game design and programming backgrounds. Founder Frederic Bohn worked on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided before forming his own company. He’s since been working with Sebastian Olscamp (a producer on games like Thief and Assassin’s Creed) and Renato Reboucas (a former Gameloft programmer) to bring their first independent game to completion.

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