Some of the Best Online Games in India That Players Appreciate

Indians are some of the world’s most passionate gamers and as such, they love to explore various online games. There are many options for them to enjoy, too, and you will soon realize that being a gamer in India definitely has its perks. There are many top roulette sites for Indian players which are perfectly fit to cater to their every need and that is a great thing to consider, too.

Even better, though, there are many more games besides that you will be willing to explore once you have learnt a little more about them and that is precisely what is going to happen here. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular online games that Indians play today.

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1. PUBG Mobile

An absolute hit, PUBG Mobile is once again returning to India, albeit under another name – Battlegrounds Mobile. The game will only be intended for individuals over the age of 18 and it will bring back the Krafton blockbuster that was suspended in 2020 because of some data breaches.

Nevertheless, the game is back and it will certainly be one of the most played games there is with India’s player base spanning millions of players who are keen to make the most out of their gameplay experience playing this title. PUBG is definitely a top-game to try in India and you definitely should enjoy yourself playing it.

2. Casino Games

Yes, casino games are extremely popular in India. Whether we are talking about social games or something else, you will soon discover that these games are an absolute blast and quite worthwhile. Indian players enjoy all sorts of cool options in the casino segment, including roulette, slots, and instant win games, such as scratch cards.

To be perfectly honest casino games are an absolute hit in India. The demo versions and social casinos are just as popular as the mainstream real money ones and that is perfectly okay as all Indian players care about is the gameplay dynamic of casino games.

3. Chess

Chess is one of the most popular online games in India and that is a fact. This thousand-year-old continues to be one of the most popular boardgames to date. You will find it to be an absolute blast and as such you will be able to explore the game in its entirety and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

Even though chess has a very simple set of rules, you will soon realize that the possibilities thereof are pretty much endless, making for many possible outcomes and the ability to study the game and develop your understanding time and again.

4. Massive Online Gaming

India is actually quite interested in massive online gaming and that is another gaming segment that the country’s players are more than happy to explore. MMORPGs and RPGs have long been the bread and butter of the local community.

It’s not just that, though. Players though prefer the mobile versions and that is why RPGs such as Diablo Immortal are gaining a lot of traction with the local community. Even MMORPGs that come as mobile versions are bound to be way more popular than their PC counterparts as Indians prefer to play video games from their smartphones and that is perfectly understandable.

5. Free Fire

Free Fire is a Garena game that emulates the battlegrounds genre and has been very successful in India precisely because of its low specs and depth of gameplay. If you are a fan of mobile gaming and you live in India, you will most certainly have heard about Free Fire which is shaping up as one of the best games in the country and something that you will be willing to play yourself on a daily. India is a rich destination for online gaming and that is a fact.