Bungie‘s Destiny series is renowned for its gunplay, and some of its most iconic weapons are its hand cannons. As a looter shooter, Destiny‘s weapons have different rarities, ranging from common all the way up to exotic. But Destiny 2‘s most infamous hand cannons aren’t actually exotic — they’re legendary. The Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten hand cannons have been some of the most popular PvP weapons since their introduction as pinnacle Crucible rewards in Season 4. They’ve been so dominant, in fact, that many players have been calling for Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten nerfs. It looks like Bungie finally agrees with them.

Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten Changes

According to today’s This Week at Bungie post, both weapons will be receiving the same two nerfs:

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  1. Both weapons will have their RPM lowered from 180 to 150. They will remain in the Precision archetype, despite all other 150 RPM hand cannons being Lightweight.
  2. Their shared Magnificent Howl perk will only apply to body-shot damage.

The first change has a major impact on both weapons’ functionalities in the Crucible — in their current state, no other hand cannon matches their time to kill (TTK) in the neutral game. It’s arguably their most attractive feature. However, this change will bring their optimal TTK in line with all other 150 RPM hand cannons. Keeping Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten in the Precision archetype is a nice concession, though, especially for console players.

The Magnificent Howl nerf is, arguably, the lesser of the two. It’s pretty safe to say that the perk will still function mostly the same in terms of TTK, even with the increased base damage — you just won’t be able to two-tap some poor Guardian with Luna’s Howl or Not Forgotten anymore. That being said, the changes to Magnificent Howl will negatively affect their PvE DPS. The weapons may not have been forged for PvE, but it’s still unfortunate collateral.

Ramifications of the Nerf

Many players are dissatisfied with the nerfs, even if they were inevitable. Some felt that Bungie was too heavy-handed, while others felt that the nerfs weren’t needed at all. It’s also important to note that on PC, the Ace of Spades is one of the contenders for top hand cannon. With Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten out of the way, it’ll reign supreme. What are your thoughts on the nerf?

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