We all know the importance of a powerful gaming PC and console setup when it comes to creating the perfect gaming den. However, what’s even more important for PC gaming is your desk setup. It doesn’t matter how good your PC is if you can’t sit down comfortably for more than 30 minutes. If your neck is hurting or your wrists feel numb after a while, then you’re going to need to improve your desk with a couple of upgrades.

A sit/stand desk or upgrade

Don’t hesitate to invest in a sit or stand desk that allows you to sit or stand. Even though most of us play the best when we’re sitting, there might be occasions where you want to stand up and stretch your legs a bit. For example, if you’re playing a game with a controller, it helps to stretch your legs a bit with your desk in standing mode. This allows you to keep the keyboard and monitor at eye level so you’re not staring down and straining your neck.

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Monitor arms

Most gaming monitors these days have adjustable features such as height adjustments, swivel, and so on. As such, people might not think that monitor arms are worth it. However, they still have the advantage of giving you a lot more space on your desk. It helps to prevent clutter and means you can put more stuff underneath or behind your monitors. This includes game controllers, an audio interface for controlling sound, or even a mixer and stream deck if you broadcast your gameplay.

Wireless mouse and keyboard

In the past, people hated using wireless peripherals because they had input delay due to the wireless technology used. These days, manufacturers such as Logitech and Corsair have drastically improved their wireless peripherals with many of them having equal latency to their wired equivalents. Having a wireless mouse means that you no longer need a mouse bungee to prevent drag on your mouse, and it means you can move your body around and not feel restricted by the positioning of your mouse or mouse mat. A wireless keyboard is also great for a setup that occasionally makes use of a couch, sofa, or any location that is away from your desk. This allows you to get the ultimate gaming position and is far more convenient than having wires everywhere.

A non-gaming office chair

Look, we know that gaming chairs have been getting a lot of hype lately and they’re extremely popular. Sadly, the reality is that gaming chairs are not good for long periods of sitting down. In fact, they’re awful compared to a proper office chair that is made for the purpose of being used for long hours. They’re much more comfortable and more affordable since you’re not paying a “gamer tax”. While they certainly don’t look as flashy, they’re a lot more subtle and ultimately comfortable. This will enable you to game for long hours without hurting your body.