Ikumi Nakamura Plans To Pitch A New Okami Game To Capcom

Players from all over have made it clear that they have wanted a new Okami game for quite some time. Now, it seems former Tango Works creative director and lead concept artist Ikumi Nakamura intends to pitch a new entry for the Zelda-like series to Capcom.

In an interview with IGN Japan, Nakamura responded to a fan question by stating that a new installment to the Okami games “is the project that she wants to make a reality the most.” She also elaborated by explaining that she believes that a new Okami game has a high chance of happening, and that she plans to “propose the idea” to Capcom once quarantine lifts.

Source: [forbes.com]
Nakamura also revealed during the interview that she would like to see Hideki Kamiya return as the director for the potential project. Best know for his work on titles like Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101, Kamiya originally lent his talents to Capcom as director for the original Okami.

Before urging fans to petition and make their interest in a new Okami game known, Nakamura shared that she believes that the series has much left to explore. She then closed by noting that she wouldn’t mind how large the role she would play in development, just so long as the game gets off the ground.

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