HumbleBundle Creates “Conquer Covid-19” Bundle With 1,000$ Worth of Content for 30$

HumbleBundle has released a game bundle with 1000$ worth of games and ebooks for a minimum of 30$. 100% of the money put towards the bundle will go to aid organizations helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The bundle is set to only be available for a week, and has already made over 2 million USD in sales. Many contributors have chosen to donate far more than the 30$ minimum, with the top contributor giving 10,000$ USD. While this is also a great charity event, customers can also enjoy a large selection of games and ebooks to keep them entertained while isolated at home.

Some of the games included range from Undertale to the Jackbox party games, among many other popular indie titles. All of the games included in the bundle are for Steam only, while the ebooks can be downloaded to any device. While it is an incredible selection for only 30$, this Humble Bundle creates a great way for gamers donate that gives direct relief to those in need. Many top contributors, shown on the bundle’s main page, have given 200-500$ on average to the cause. The top three contributors have given 10,000, 5,000, and 1,000 respectively. Humble Bundle says that the money will go towards organizations helping get equipment to healthcare professionals and funding medical care for infected patients.

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If you wish to check out the bundle for yourself, click here to see the full details. If you would like to read more, check out Culture of Gaming’s articles on The Best Gaming Subscription Services To Get You Through Lockdown and Fight The Coronavirus With Your PC By [email protected]

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