Huawei is Out of Chips and ARM up for Sale! – Pass the Salt

hrrrrrng colonel, Huawei seems to be out of chips..

Huawei, due to resource supply issues, seems like it may not be able to produce their flagship chip.  While it is not to a problematic level yet, it seems Huawei will have to make that decision about production options soon. Since we are on the topic of chips, Qualcomm seems to be in some trouble. Notably, with over 400 different vulnerabilities discovered, Qualcomm and their chips seem to be on the hot seat. In addition, they are not the only ones with vulnerability problem. Specter and Meltdown have made a return, sort of. With some new reports, it seems Specter and Meltdown were never truly resolved. The newly discovered source of these vulnerabilities has been found to be a architectural issue that affects just about every desktop CPU manufacturer.

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