Technology is continually changing and developing in our modern world, with online gaming, of course, reaping up the benefits. 2020 is set to be an exciting year for online games, with both their quality and accessibility being pushed further forward than ever before.

The Introduction Of 5G

5G is currently a pretty big buzz word in tech, and it’s set to bring some great benefits to the world of online gaming. The download speeds of 5G will trump the vast majority of home broadband transfer rates. It will also be around ten times faster than current 4G speeds. This will not only allow 5G users much faster mobile internet but will also lead to less congested networks overall. As such, download times for online games will be a lot faster, and online gaming will become far more accessible for users with 5G, allowing them to play easily on the go, during daily commutes or whenever they otherwise don’t have a connection to Wi-Fi.

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This is more revolutionary than it might initially sound, as a lot of great online games, like Injustice 2 and some new slot sites, can quickly gobble up 1GB, meaning that without 5G, a lot of online games aren’t currently suitable to be played on the go, which is pretty annoying and frustrating for keen players and real games enthusiasts.

Fortunately, the size of data plans is also set to increase under the introduction of 5G. This is hugely beneficial as most 4G packages are currently limited to just 50GB per month, whilst new 5G packages offer up to 60GB per month. The introduction of 5G will undoubtedly transform the way we play online games in 2020, allowing us to play whenever and wherever we find ourselves.

Higher Quality Graphics

In a lot of gamers’ eyes, graphics can well and truly make or break a game, and in the not too distant past, a lot of games’ graphics haven’t been too brilliant. However, developers have definitely upped their game now. Graphics are a lot more immersive and realistic than they used to be in past recent years, and luckily the quality of games’ graphics is only set to improve further as we get deeper into 2020 and the new decade.

Voice Recognition

Voice-controlled technology has been on the scene for quite a while, but computers are now able to recognise voice commands from the user, meaning that voice-controlled gaming systems have finally caught up. With this tech, you can, of course, turn the console on and off using just your voice alone, as well as using voice commands to control gameplay and even interact on your social media. The introduction of voice recognition to gaming systems is undoubtedly pretty exciting and could potentially one day lead to the old handset no longer being needed at all.

Advanced VR And AR Tech

Virtual and augmented reality are transforming the way we game, and this trend is only set to continue into 2020 as virtual headsets become increasingly affordable to the average consumer as the market grows and competition between brands increases.

VR and AR make the experience of gaming even more realistic and exciting. PlayStation really led the way in the past year, with the PlayStation VR offering players the ability to look around their virtual surrounding in 360 degrees. Similarly, the 3DRudder for PlayStation VR has added a deeper sense of reality and practicality to games, allowing players to spin, tilt and apply pressure with their feet to navigate their way around PlayStation VR games. As the year progresses VR and AR tech is set to continue to enhance the gaming experience further still.

Cloud-Based Gaming

Cloud-based tech can be operated remotely, which of course brings huge benefits to the gaming world, making it far more accessible for a large number of gamers as the trend of global travel increasingly becomes the norm. No matter where in the world you are, you can play along so long as you have the right gaming equipment there with you.

Moreover, in the past, games were typically stored entirely on hardware, which limited the amount of potential power they had. However, now that games can be stored on cloud-based servers, the same restrictions no longer apply, opening up many great and exciting opportunities for games developers, as well as added accessibility and thus convenience for avid gamers.

In 2020 gamers are undoubtedly going to benefit from the advancement of new technologies. Greater accessibility to games, improved graphics, and greater ease of use overall will transform the gaming experience of keen players into something even better than what they have enjoyed in previous years. If you love gaming, 2020 is without a doubt a year to be excited for.


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