Thanks for stopping by our League of legends getting started guide. If you’re here, then you’re probably wondering what League is all about!

The game is a MOBA (short for a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) built from the ground up by Riot Games. It has multiple battle modes, requires lots of strategic thinking, and has a solid pro and competitive scene. There are masses to learn from the moment you begin playing League, from the strategic tactics to how to buy lol accounts, to how to buy Elo boosting service to rank higher in the game. This is the reason that we’ve put this short guide together to cover some of the main game mode basics.

Here’s what you can expect in a typical game

Summoner’s Rift is the main game mode in League of legends, whereas some refer to it as 5v5, as that’s what you’ll be playing. It’s a PVP (Player versus Player) game of 5v5, simple.

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You are classed as the Summoner, and you’ll bring a Champion into the game to fight for you. Champions have a range of skills and abilities, and in order to win, you’ll need to defend your Nexus while taking down one of your rivals.

Your team needs to take down the enemy turrets to reach their Nexus, and each lane will have three, and there will be two that protect nearby the Nexus. Takedown three turrets and an inhibitor will stand in your path. There are three inhibitors in yours and your enemy’s base, one in each lane.

Taking down an inhibitor and super minions will spawn in that particular lane, doing large amounts of damage and getting to the enemy’s Nexus more speedily.

What are Minions?

You’ll get to know Minions quickly as they travel through lanes in droves, these are a great source of gold to take advantage of. You need to hit each minion to obtain gold. If you don’t get the final hit, the only gain you’ll have is XP.

Last hitting is no easy task, and if you don’t manage to get it, don’t worry as there are various ELO Boosting services around to help, even if you get hounded by teammates as a result.

Jumping into action

All champions are locked in at the start of a match, giving you a chance (10 seconds to be exact) to set up your rune area, emotes, and skills. Ensure you lock in to avoid being kicked out of the lobby and blocked from any further games for a while.

After spawning into the Rift, you should head to the shop and purchase the required items. The items selected should reflect your choice of champion.

There are a variety of positions to play, which include Jungle, Bot lane, Middle, and top. Choose a position as you wish, but ensure you collab with your team first.

Solo lanes apply to Mid and Top, meaning you can play alone. You’d typically play as a fighter or a tank in the Top lane, while an assassin or a mage is best for Mid.

A duo lane is League speak for a Bot lane, and a support or marksman is best used here. A marksman is the only champ to farm here, whereas a Support is best for getting items generated with gold and claims no glory but helps the team.

Communicating with others

League of Legends uses smart pings which are used in-game to communicate with your team depending on different scenarios, and each ping is color-coded as follows:

  • Enemy missing = Yellow ‘?’
  • Danger = Red ‘!’
  • Assist me = Blue flag
  • On my way = Green downward-pointing arrow

There are various runes you need to use as a means to aid your champ in combat to boost their abilities and stats.

You’ll select runes once your champ is chosen, and your champ can be increased to level 30 if enough rune slots are available.

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