Gaming fans across the world will be vying to get their hands on the PS5, which was released this month. After all, the new platform promises stunning 4K graphics, an evolved user interface, powerful components, and innovative DualSense control that other controller haptic options are unable to rival.

If you are hoping to bring home this games console in the near future, you might need to tweak or change your den to fully immerse yourself in its many games. Find out how to create the perfect gaming den for the PS5.

Build a Gaming Library

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You will be happy to learn that the PS5 is compatible with nearly 4,000 PS4 games. For this reason, you should ensure your new and old titles are ready and waiting to be added to the hardware. Plus, you don’t need to stop playing as you wait, as your progress on the PS4 can transfer over to the new platform. You will also enjoy faster load and processing times during gameplay.

Buy the Right TV

A brand-new TV might be necessary if you want to enjoy all the benefits of the PlayStation 5. Next-generation gaming consoles are designed to be used on a high-performance TV, as it will allow gamers to enjoy flowing action and crisp colors.

While it is a big investment in gaming, it could transform your experience and reduce input lag. If you don’t have the money to spare for a modern TV, a short term loan from a regulated credit broker might be the right financial solution for your needs. The new gadget will also ensure there are no technical headaches once you’re ready to use the console.

Pick the Right Console Gaming Chair

Enhance your gaming experience by picking the right console gaming chair for your needs. There are two styles to choose from: floor and rocker. Floor chairs are often large, soft cushions or bean bags, while rockers are L-shaped chairs that can be reclined for increased comfort.

Both options have their pros and cons, as floor chairs are often more comfortable, but rockers provide greater support. Whatever option you pick, you should pair it with an elevated TV to support relaxed gameplay.

Install Blackout Curtains

A glare on your screen is not only annoying during gameplay, but it can distract your focus and lead to a poor performance. If you want to immerse yourself in a title without interruption, you should add blackout curtains over your windows. It will allow you to close your den off to the world and feel as if you are walking in a character’s shoes.

Add a Mini Fridge to Prevent Hunger

A rumbling stomach or a dry throat could interrupt your focus during a game. Keep hunger and thirst at bay by checking out Rolling Stone’s rundown of the best mini fridges, which you can fill with water, soda and various snacks. It will become a cool feature that’s bound to impress friends who step inside your den.

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