Your environment can determine your gameplay. Passionate video gamers shouldn’t settle for a dull, uncomfortable environment, as it can impair concentration and stop them from reaching their potential in a game.

Some tweaks and changes to a room can support gameplay, increase enjoyment, and help you hit your gaming goals. Plus, it will encourage you to spend many an hour practicing your skills in comfort. Find out how to create a cool gaming setup.

Buy the Right Chair

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Your gaming chair can determine your focus, comfort, and performance. If you don’t want an aching back to interfere with a Call of Duty mission, or an uncozy seat often distracts you when building Minecraft structures, you must invest in the best chair for your needs.

If you’re an avid Xbox or PlayStation fan, research the best console chairs available to ensure you will feel comfortable and relaxed when playing the likes of Fortnite, League of Legends, or Outriders. Most console gamers often prefer rocker or floor gaming chairs, as it will allow them to rock back and forth casually or recline during a game.

However, if you’re a PC gamer, pick a chair that will allow you to sit at eye level at a monitor for relaxed gameplay. Most PC chairs are like office chairs and should offer ergonomic support, wheeled bases, comfortable armrests, and adjustable height and recline angles.

Hang Blackout Curtains

While it is essential to enjoy much sunlight each day for your health and energy levels, blackout curtains could be a virtual lifesaver during gameplay. If an unwanted glare hits your screen on a sunny day, you can pull the curtains over your windows to improve your vision and performance.

Personalize Your Console and Accessories

Protect and personalize your gaming setup by adding skins to your console and colorful grips to your controllers. For example, PS4 controller grips allow you to put your stamp on the gaming accessories, and the slip-resistant, multi-textured material will improve your grip during a game. Choose from various colors to match your taste and gaming setup, and provide a controller with an extra layer of protection should you accidentally drop it.

Add a Mini Fridge

Good nutrition and hydration are important throughout the day. It is easy for hours to pass by when caught up in an exciting game. For this reason, consider adding a mini fridge into your game room. You can then grab a bottle of water or a healthy snack between games, and the food and drink will boost your energy levels and focus during a long session. Plus, the cool appliance is sure to impress friends who step inside your game room.

Install Floating Shelving

A cool, fun, relaxed space will make you want to spend more time in your game room. Improve your setup by installing floating shelving on the walls. It is the perfect way to display your cool gaming collectibles, fluorescent lighting, video games, or retro consoles and accessories.

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