E3 always has fans flock to it after months of anticipation. Fans of every game, console, and publisher want to see their favorites shown off. When some fans don’t get what they want, they take to complaining on the internet. This seems no more apparent than in Nintendo’s case. Ever since Nintendo’s showcase, fans have complained about Metroid Prime 4’s absence.

It’s Never Enough

The biggest news that actually did come out of Nintendo’s E3 included the reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even then, fans complained about the release of every single character of Smash history existing in one game. They called it a port, despite the gigantic presentation detailing how each character has changed. This goes to show just how out of the way people go to complain. But fans complain even if nothing gets revealed, as with the case of Metroid Prime 4.

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Nintendo, for its showcase, decided to only show a few select games. This included the likes of Super Mario Party, Daemon X Machina, and Fortnite. I think it worth mentioning that no 3DS games received any time during the showcase. Leading up to E3, a lot of fans complained that attention on the 3DS took away attention from the Switch. Nintendo heard the cries, and complaints still didn’t stop.

Why The Fans Lashed Out

So, what of Metroid Prime 4? (This article is about that, isn’t it?) If one asked why fans reacted this way to the lack of Samus, clearly anticipation plays a part. A year has passed since fans saw just a logo for the game. A decade has passed since the last Prime game. Even if Samus Returns just released last year, one could still consider Metroid one of Nintendo’s less utilized IPs.

Why Nintendo Didn’t Show It

Many reasons present themselves if one stops to consider why Nintendo did not show anything. The first reason put simply includes that they have nothing yet to show. It wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that when they announced Prime 4 last year, it only existed as an idea.

The Past Repeats Itself

If Nintendo had nothing of Prime to show last year, why did they announce it at all? To answer this question, we have to go back to 2015’s E3. Nintendo revealed Metroid Prime: Federation Force. With the cartoony style and not having Samus as a protagonist, fans outraged louder than they did this year.

Last year, Nintendo revealed the existence of the remake of Metroid 2 entitled: Samus Returns. They knew from Federation Force that fans might outrage that Samus Returns is not Metroid Prime 4. So they chose to reveal both games at the same time, even if they had nothing but an idea.

Nintendo Shows, Doesn’t Tell & That’s A Good Thing

Truthfully, I hoped that Nintendo wouldn’t show Metroid Prime 4. In these days of the internet, surprises are hard to come by. I want to see Prime 4 when it has lots of polish. I want to see it when the developers know what new features fans can expect.

As long as the internet has anonymity, people have no reason to curb their bratty side. Truthfully, I thought that Nintendo’s strategy to stop last year’s outrage was pretty smart. While I wouldn’t describe the complaints, this year, about the lack of Metroid Prime 4 as an outrage, I think Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s reveal helped deter the complaints. The Nintendo Switch’s future looks very bright.

What do you think was missing from E3 and why do you think it might have been? Let us know in the comments below!

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