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In a time where quanantines are a worldwide concern, our fitness is a pressing issue. With most of our activities being carried out in our homes, how are we to stay fit and healthy? There is a lot to be said about a good diet and regular solo walks. However gaming has its own ways to help.

Despite the stigma that gaming turns you into a couch potato, munching on snacks. There are actually a number of products within the gaming industry that can assist you in staying physically fit in this challenging time at home. They may not fully replace the gym or a good old fashioned run. However they might just tide you over until this all blows over.

So without further delay here are a number of great products that you should consider if you want to stay fit and healthy whilst indoors.

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Wii Fit

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Starting off with the best known gaming fitness apparatus. Heck, it’s even got fit in the name. This console accessory produced way back in 2007 is still a viable option for getting up and moving at home. Along with your basic fitness games there are more than enough conventional games that incorporate the Wii Fit as a core mechanic. Meaning you can stay active and have barrels of fun while doing it.

The best games to try that will get the heart pumping include Zumba Fitness, skate it, Wii Ski and various forms of workout style games endorsed by various gyms and celebrities.

Nintendo Ring Fit

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A more recent piece of fitness apparatus produced by Nintendo. This time it takes the shape of a ring and is compatible with the Nintendo Switch. There is a leg strap that will accommodate one controller that will track your leg movements. Meanwhile the ring accommodates the other. The ring also comes with an accompanying game called Ring Fit Adventure.

This game will have you squatting, crunching, twisting, running and jumping. All while offering a fun and interesting gaming experience. So much so that you might even forget you are exercising. Then afterwards you can bask in the glory of your physical achievements. If you’re looking for a fun new workout, give this one a go.

Xbox Kinect

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Now, this accessory may be the bane of Microsoft’s existance. Seeing as it single handedly spoiled their run in the console wars for the current generation. Though if you happen to have a kinect laying around the house. Thankfully, it may have just found a use. Hunt it out and dust it off.

This accessory, much like the Wii Fit, has a cavalcade of titles that urge players to get on their feet and move around. The motion sensor is responsive and can track players movement reasonably well. Titles like Just Dance, Nike Kinect Training or UFC trainer. Whatever type of vibe you want for your workout, the kinect has you covered.

Virtual Reality

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VR as a concept is admittedly still in it’s infancy. So we will forgive you if you haven’t invested in any VR products. However, for those of you that have or hope to in the future. The good news is that they can be a great fitness aid.

Games that offer a sweat inducing workout include the likes of lightsaber rythym game Beat Saber. Real time shooter Superhot VR or punching masterclass Knockout League. All these titles have the potential to get the players heart racing. Not to mention being really fun and immersive experiences.

Phew, well there are some of our recommendations for beating the quarantine and staying fit. Are their any games or accessories that you like to use? What’s your favourite fitness game of all time? Let us know in the comments. Plus, if you love this content then why not check out Ping Pong Bros excellent article regarding top rated consoles for fitness/exercise.

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