How Communities Are Impacting Video Games Today

Communities are nothing new. They keep growing and changing. There is a community for everything. The same is true for video games. There are communities for the games, the developers, the publisher, and more. You think about something, you might find a community all about it. What is interesting is how communities are impacting video games today.

YouTube and Twitch

The biggest change that has happened to video game communities is the growth of them. A very big part of this is because of YouTube and Twitch. The rise of YouTube has led to some developments that are an integral part of how things operate today. One of the developments are the many channels that are found throughout the site. YouTube has its own gaming section, and many developers have the ability to market their games by sharing videos that get people excited. This could be a gameplay trailer, a behind-the-scenes look, or something else.

Another thing that YouTube has provided in the evolution of communities is the rise of personalities. People and channels on YouTube covering video games have led to more and more people looking for any information about games in general, which gets more people talking about them. Every channel has their own communities and they all bring people together. Some channels may specific to one thing like a genre or a platform that they talk about, or a channel can talk about a variety of topics. There are also people who make money playing video games on YouTube or, more likely, Twitch.

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The rise of YouTube and the evolution of content creation has led to streaming.

The 360 and PS3 era saw the rise of multiplayer gaming becoming a staple of gaming today. Just about every game has a component of multiplayer functionality. It may be against someone or with someone. People like playing with other people, and they also like sharing. When the PS4 and Xbox One came out, there were more social features implemented such as PlayStation communities and Xbox clubs. Twitch also became available on both consoles, allowing players to stream from their console.  It was all about getting people together connected and playing. Then, there came a point in time where people started playing games and invited other people to watch. This is where Twitch comes in.

Twitch has gotten to be very popular. It has because it allows for streaming multiple different things, not just video games. There is a variety of things to look for on Twitch. There are people streaming about making different types of art, such as drawing or sculpting, or streams that deal with tabletop or card games.

Twitch allows people to enjoy what they like the most, same as YouTube, but it also gives people a way to experience games with people they enjoy watching. The entertainment of seeing something happen as it happens gets everyone excited. Streamers on Twitch have garnered their own audiences which allow for more word of mouth of a game to get out.

Games as a Service

The biggest impact that communities have on games are with games such as Destiny. These games are referred to as games as a service. This means that they will continue to provide content long after it has been out. It is a recent trend that is happening with console gaming that many say began with Destiny. If you haven’t heard, Destiny is in a different place than it’s been in before with Destiny 2. People that loved Destiny or started with Destiny 2 have their reasons why they left the game or stayed. Whatever the case, the talk surrounding Destiny 2 has made developer Bungie rethink things.

Destiny isn’t the only game as a service out now. Other games have released and have gotten more added to them. Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and Overwatch are just some games that people consider to have gotten added content as a game as a service. They have succeeded and failed in their own ways. Another thing that has happened recently is the success of battle royale games. PUBG and Fortnite’s success has led publishers and creators to make more Battle Royale games, which succeed or fail by the number of people playing.

Communities are what make or break most games nowadays. The success of games is dependent on how many people are streaming the game and how well developers make their game be as everlasting as possible.

Do you like games as a service? Have a favorite gaming community? Let us know in the comments below!

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