Horizon II Aims For 2021 Release

Sony has just released a new video on their Youtube channel featuring more info on Horizon II. In the video, director Mathijs De Jonge gives more details about the upcoming sequel. A lot we already knew from the reveal at the PS5 event. But, there were some reveals worth noting.

On the Horizon

After reintroducing us to Alloy and the world, we are given a few teases as to what this sequel will bring to the table. Some are vague, like solve mysteries. While others are more direct, such as the game taking place between Utah and the Pacific Ocean. Jonge also shared how the PS5 SSD will all but eliminate loading in Horizon II. From fast travel, re-spawning, and loading the game up will be “super fast.” We will also get to explore new environments such as deserts, underwater, and ruined cities with recognizable landmarks. The map itself is bigger than the original Horizon. But, how much bigger, we still don’t know.

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Of course, as we all expected, there will be new threats as well. “Dozens of new machines” are promised to be encountered, scanned, and studied. Alongside the machines, new tribes were shown too. Along with a passive tribe, one is shown to have the ability to override machines. This mechanic promises unique, difficult encounters with humans and machines.

Aside from the machines, Horizon II will also focus on a new threat. That being an environmental collapse. A new red plague-type disease is infecting the land and threatening all organic life. Then there are the new “super-cell storms that flood canyons and fields.” The video ends with Jonge expressing how hard the team has been working on the game. His last lines are that the studio is targeting 2021 for the sequel’s release.

Are you excited to possibly play Horizon II in 2021? What new feature are you looking forward to most? What do you hope the sequel adds they haven’t mentioned? Sound off in the comments below!

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