For Honor

[:en]Ubisoft will be rolling out another huge update ahead of For Honor Season 3 and 4 next month. Since the games shaky start Ubisoft brought a total of 12 major updates to the players, and this next update looks to be the biggest one to date.

The update looks to correct many players’ complaints about the game since its release. One of the main areas of dissatisfaction among gamers and reviewers is set for a quick fix. This is the addition of dedicated servers, and should appease many fans. Many believe that the omission of this feature for a game like this was a huge mistake on the part of developers.

The update will also see a variety of changes to the games combat system. Re-balancing the combat system has been a demand of the fans for some time now and the developers have taken these comments on board, and there will no longer be a major advantage to playing defensively.

Along with the gameplay changes, a number of cosmetic updates will be applied. A number of new emotes, executions and costumes will be released, along with 4 new heroes and 4 new maps.

For Honor season 3 begins in August 2017, so fans don’t have long to wait for the first update or the migration to dedicated servers.[:]

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