Christmas is almost here, which means it’s time to spend some time with the family and relax with our friends. What better way to celebrate, than making some memories with the hottest party games of the year? Need help figuring out what to bring to Grandma’s? Look no further than this rundown of everything you’ll need to know, and have, for a relaxing holiday gathering for everybody.

1. Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

This list would be incomplete without Nintendo‘s newest entry in the Super Smash Bros franchise. A Nintendo Switch exclusive, that pits up to eight people against one another, in a fight to the KO. Super Smash Bros allows you to pick from an array of Nintendo icons, to duke out in a variety of different game modes. From the recent additions of Elimination and Spirits to the classic Smash modes, this game offers a little bit of everything and is guaranteed to cause a bit of mayhem in the living room. Here’s everything you need to know:

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2. Overcooked 1 & 2

Overcooked is an adorable little kitchen competition. Work with or against your family and friends as you try to serve the orders on your screen the fastest. But watch out for the many stage hazards and kitchen disasters that are prone to occur! This game will keep you on your toes till it either enrages you, or you conquer the challenges.

3. Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party is a much needed redemption for the series released just earlier this year. With over 80 different mini games, and multiple different modes. This game will keep the family busy with lighthearted yet very heated competition. Play on teams or play free for all as you try to collect the most stars, or become the (literal) center of the picture. The controls are also easy to learn, so anyone and everyone in the family can enjoy in the mayhem.

  • Super Mario Party-$59.99
  • Allows up to four players locally
  • Only works with Joy-Cons
  • One Joy-Con per person
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch

4. The Jackbox Party Pack 5

This entry in the series features a few new mini games, and the return of You Don’t Know Jack. So, keep your eyes on your screen as you use your wits to outsmart, and out goof, your whole family. The game is sure to cause a few laughs, as it brings all the same wacky styles that are a staple of the series.

  • The Jackbox Party Pack 5-$29.99
  • It allows up to eight players locally
  • Not all games allow the same amount of players
  • Mini games are played with the use of phones
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, Smart TVs

Happy Holidays!

Whether you pick up one of these titles, play one of their older franchise entries, play something else entirely, or even just stick to the classic board and card games, have a great Christmas! Feel free to drop some of your favorite games to play with the family in the comments below!

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