Warner Bros’ stealth series Hitman is getting a graphical remaster, and you’ll able to check it out fairly soon! The Hitman HD Enhanced Collection will allow players to relive Hitman: Absolution and Blood Money in 4K and 60 fps. It’s strange that it isn’t named the Hitman 4K Enhanced Collection, but regardless, developer IO Interactive is excited about the remaster.

In a press statement, IO Interactive mentioned the other graphical improvements that would be coming to the collection. “Hitman HD Enhanced Collection will feature 4K visuals at 60 frames per second (fps), along with increased texture resolution, upgraded texture formats, super-sampling, upscale support, heightened shadow map and mirror resolutions, improved lighting and updated controls for a more fluid experience.”

The original Blood Money and Absolution received generally positive reviews back in the Xbox 360/PS3 days. They both took the over-the-top silent kills of the games before them and made them even more fun to execute. Since the release of the Hitman reboot in 2016, the older titles have been a bit overshadowed, but this remaster seeks to bring those underappreciated iterations to a new, younger audience, on modern, more graphical consoles.

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Plans for changes?

Will there be any major changes to those original games? Well, we can’t really for sure. IO Interactive stated that there will be “many other improvements” besides upping the resolution and frame count. That’s a bit of a vague claim, however. If we had to guess, it seems like this collection will leave the original games’ content largely unaltered.

If you followed the Hitman games back in the day, get ready for this collection coming on January 11 for Xbox One and PS4.

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