Heroes of The Storm 2019 Hero Wishist

If you enjoy playing games on PC, chances are that Blizzard played a big part in your childhood. With so many fantastic games throughout the years, it’s incredible to think they celebrated their 12th convention this year. Blizzcon is a grand festivity of all their grand franchises as they hold worldwide tournaments for their games. This year, saw the first original hero to join Heroes of the Storm, which was a resident of the Nexus itself, Orphea.

Now depending on how you look at Orphea’s inclusion, this can either be a good or a bad thing. Good because it shows that the development team isn’t limiting themselves to IPs. And a touch bad since it can make some think that the well might be drying up. Personally, I welcome more original characters while knowing we have yet to reach the point of drying the well. So much so that I can think of ten heroes I’d love to see thrown into the Nexus next in 2019.

So how many more hero concepts can we see cranked out? Let’s find out.

10. Warcraft 3 Neutral Heroes

Everyone is (almost) here from Warcraft 3!

It‘s funny. When you plan out your list and have a line up to write about, a hero can come out and throws you for a loop.  I reserved this slot for a Dreadlord Hero Class from Warcraft 3 as it was the last of the hero classes that didn’t get into the game yet.  With Mal’Ganis in the game, we now have all 12 hero classes with their own representative. I was ready to scrap this slot and make this a Top 9 list when I remembered responses I got online and how some people apparently took offense to the notion of, “We now have all the Warcraft 3 heroes in HotS.”  I wasn’t wrong… Or at least with the heroes tied with the four factions.

To go with the Human, Orcs, Undead and Night Elves, we also had a handful of neutral heroes too.  Out of these set of heroes, we already have Beastmaster, Dark Ranger, Pandaren Brewmaster, Firelord, and Goblin Tinker in Heroes of the Storm. A wide selection so far, but we still leave other hero classes like the Naga Sea Witch, Pit Lord, and Goblin Alchemist to make an appearance. We could probably pick one of these at random (and have it be the Naga Sea Witch), but with the amount of Warcraft heroes we already have in the game, this would probably be additional filler to throw in for another time. We will get to that point soon enough where all neutral heroes will be playable in Heroes of the Storm, but no need to rush it when there are still plenty of other choices to consider.

9. Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Heroes

Anyone else misses these two classes?

All the Nephalem from Diablo 3 are in, but you could say that having more playable Diablo heroes would be nice. For more ideas of playable Diablo heroes, let‘s turn our attention towards the Diablo 2 expansion and look at The Druid and The Assassin.

The Druid is a fairly interesting class in Diablo 2 as he kind is down the middle in terms of his play style. He can cast elemental abilities, summon animals to back him up and even transform into a Werewolf or a Werebear. With how flexible the hero can be, developers could consider him a specialist hero with a variety of moves. The Werewolf performs quick and fierce strikes while the Werebear hits harder and is a sturdier form. Even if they don’t focus on the transformations, you can still allow the Druid to perform his other various abilities to make him a big threat in the Nexus.

With The Assassin, we could have a fierce rush down character of sorts. Besides the ability to set up traps, she can also use her Martial Arts and Shadow Disciplines to take down the enemy. One aspect of her kit can be where her abilities could help add “charges” to enemies so that you can perform an extra powerful strike. It sounds like your standard run-of-the-mill kit in a MOBA, but The Assassin had this available to her as too. To top it off, you can give her the “Shadow Master” ability that lets her summon a Spectral Shadow of herself to fight with her too.

We may be getting more Diablo content soon, but if we wanted to give the demons and angels more time to get into the Nexus, we still have heroes that can be brought onboard.

8. Talandar

Back when HotS was adding to their initial roster, there was one particular StarCraft hero that many were holding out to see: The Protoss Hero, Fenix.

A brave Zealot who sadly fell in battle but had his body put into a dragoon to continue the fight (only to be killed by Kerrigan during Brood War). Fans were split on whether Fenix would be a Zealot or a Dragoon, and were torn to find out that when the Protoss expansion for StarCraft 2 dropped, he didn’t get in. He would eventually get into Heroes of the Storm as a dragoon, but there was another character some thought he would be. And this was in the form of a Purifier.

Now the interesting thing for us to consider about Talandar is how his moves leave much to guess about.  The moves he had from StarCraft 2 included Thunderous charge (where he charges at an enemy to stun them and Whirlwind (which attacks enemies nearby him). He also had Shield compactor, but considering how it almost works like Raynor’s Adrenaline Rush, you could have it an ability that can help Talandar stay in a fight. Much like his actual counterpart, he too could have additional shields to help keep him alive when he goes into the fight.

We could see Talandar as how Fenix could have been had he not been in a dragoon (give or take a few details). We have a good sum of representation of StarCraft 2 heroes so far in the Nexus, and hopefully this will continue by adding in Talandar into the mix.

7. Sombra

Hacking into the Nexus soon?

While players may cringe at another Overwatch hero in Heroes of the Storm, their implication into the Nexus has been well handled so far. Hell, some fans think to believe some heroic abilities could almost serve as secondary ultimates should they reconsider doing such a thing in Overwatch‘s future. We will look at a few heroes throughout this list, but we’ll be starting off with the girl who seems to have information on just about everyone: Sombra.

Out of all the “Team Talon” members in Overwatch, Sombra seems the most laid back. You could say her trade gives her the means to blackmail anyone she wants while her kit lets her move in and out of fights and location on her terms. While the Nexus would be untouched territory, it would be fun to see her interactions with the more robotic heroes while picking apart other characters and their stories. Who knows if the Nexus has a database she could tap into, but it would be hilarious if she somehow dug up information and used it in interactions against heroes from other Blizzard games.

Sombra’s biggest feature is her ability to life hack her enemies and shut off their abilities for a limited time. This would likely come into play in HotS, but likely for a shorter period compared to Overwatch. From there other abilities like, her trans-locator and stealth would likely work in the same format. EMP would be a useful heroic ability to use too, although I don’t know if she would have a second heroic like other heroes or have just one like Tracer. Either way, a hero that can disrupt the enemy could be a powerful hero to have in the nexus.

6. The Hearthstone Innkeeper: Harth Stonebrew

So this might sound like a completely out-there suggestion to make, but hear me out. With so much representation Warcraft has in Heroes of the Storm, they have already covered a wide range of heroes, villains, creatures and monsters. For as expansive as it is though, it has left me wondering if we would ever see Blizzard‘s card game get a representation too.  If you can make Murky into a character why not the guy who somehow achieved peace among factions through cards?

Now as for how he would play in Heroes of the Storm that is a tricky matter to figure out. One fun idea I found could be that at the start of a match, Harth can be able to pick which class of hero he would like to use. With this in place, it could change a few aspects and stats of how Harth plays throughout a match while not requiring him to have different abilities for each of the nine classes.

Another idea was how as you level up, you use the talents to “Build your deck” which means you can pick the cards you would like to use so that if you draw them, you can then summon them to assist you in the fight (with the level 10 heroic being a “Legendary”). It wouldn’t be to say Harth can’t fend for himself, but rather the summons gives him an extra edge needed to help win fights.

As for the other abilities, it would be hard to say which way they could take his character. Part of me would love for Harth to have attacks that aren’t throwing cards at the enemy but would be his main draw. It will be fun how Harth can get everyone in the Nexus to “Play Nice.”

5) Moira

Bringing some Science to the Nexus

Support characters in Overwatch range from one extreme to the next when they heal their teammates. In HotS so far, we have a long distance healing option with Ana and Proximity healing from Lucio. Out of the remaining Overwatch support characters, it would be hard to say who should be next. If we were to pick one from the rest which would offer the unique support experience with the most variety, Moira would be the best option.

Moira’s kit lends itself well in a MOBA as her healing could be strong if you enable her healing to work as it does in Overwatch and let her heal her entire team. Her means of attacking would attach her Biotic Grasp onto an enemy to drain their life while restoring her own. From there, she can also build up her meter so she can use her healing ability to keep her teammates alive. It would likely be one of the stronger healing abilities but at the cost of it being available for limited amounts of time.

To go with her basic attacks, you can also give her fade so she can safely disengage or charge into a fight. And let’s not forget the biotic orb and let her choose if the orb should heal allies or damage enemies. As for her Heroic abilities, she can have Coalescence for her to heal allies and damage enemies at the same time. Her second ability is harder to say but perhaps a fun idea would be one that works opposite of Mercy’s Ultimate and let Moira drain the life out all enemies hear her that would not only increase her self-preservation but can put all nearby foes at risk.

4. The Overmind

Before the Queen of Blades, there was The Overmind

During the early development of Heroes of the Storm, there was an idea thrown around about how you can implement one of the (literally) biggest antagonists from the original StarCraft: The Overmind. It would kind of go without saying that a giant monstrosity that doesn’t move would be an issue in a MOBA, but some fans still hold off that Blizzard can do it. We would later see we got an Overmind-like character in the form of Abathur, who doesn’t really fight himself as much as provides support from far away. Even though you could say that we don’t need anything else from the Overmind since it has its role handled, many would argue that the First “Leader” of the Zerg should still get in the Nexus.

How The Overmind Could Work

Expanding the influence of the Overmind

So I’ve given this so much thought, and it wasn’t until recently that I finally came up with the best idea of how to make the Overmind work. If the Overmind is on your team, it will take the place of your team’s Nexus. From here, the Overmind would provide a several goodies for your team, including a bigger emphasis on pushing lanes. When the match starts, The Overmind and the Forts will generate creep which works in the same way as it does in Starcraft. Your goal as the Overmind is to spread the creep far and wide throughout the map and even into the enemy base. You could also let the Overmind build mini-towers that could also protect your creep generators too. Perhaps you can enable a passive where allies (not heroes) on the creep gain an attack bonus or a speed bonus.

To ensure the fight isn’t one-sided, the Overmind can only operate in creep-infested areas. This means that should you destroy a fort or any creep generators, you push the Overmind out of that location. So in order for the Overmind to be a team player, it must push the creep forward or will be stuck to pushing lanes. It is with this in mind that should The Overmind find itself on the losing end of a battle, at least there would be enough creep around it to put up a last stand before possibly come crashing down. If you can enable it to can send additional Zerg troops down lanes like Zerglings and even more powerful units, you could have the making of a possible new meta in the works.

3) Baal

Ready and waiting to spread some destruction with his brothers

For the longest time, fans of Diablo were clinging onto the possibility of all the Prime Evils getting into the Nexus. It wasn’t until recently when we finally got the second Prime Evil, Mephisto in the game providing all the hate he can produce. With the Lord of Hatred in place, fans turn their attention to the final Prime Evil to complete the trifecta: The Lord of Destruction. While we knew him for many things, his biggest achievement was the corruption of the worldstone and throwing that part of the world into pure chaos upon its destruction.

During your fight against Baal in Diablo 2, he performs a wide range of moves that can work just as well in Heroes of the Storm. These include Incineration Nova, Hoarfrost, Mana Rift, Vile Effigy and Festering Appendages. Plenty of ways for Baal to conduct himself on the field while dishing out the damage. It would also be a safe bet that since Baal is the more Brash of the Prime Evils, he would likely be an assassin like Mephisto.

2) Doomfist

Dishing out doom one punch at a time

Out of all the heroes out of the Overwatch roster, none were as hyped up as the man known as Doomfist. From the game’s premiere trailer, all we knew about this legend was how through this gauntlet, he could level an entire skyscraper with one punch. Since then, Doomfist was such a highly requested character that Blizzard made the character a reality.

Doomfist’s kit would lend itself well to HotS as he would definitely be someone who would excel in close range and initiating fights. From leaping towards his opponent and uppercutting them into the air to his patented left arm that sends people flying after one hit, that could be his ability list is already there to make use of. The bigger question to ask would be how exactly you would do his heroic abilities. He would have his meteor strike that has him get the drop on his opponents, but what would his second heroic be? Perhaps he could have a special attack where he dashes towards one character and pummels them senselessly. Either way, if we were to have another OW hero join the Nexus, I would put Doomfist at the front of the line.

1. Anduin Wrynn

Priest powers are something to not underestimate.

Topping my list is a character who at first was sitting at the bottom until I thought of the significance of adding him into the game. Anduin has come quite a long way since his first inclusion into the World of Warcraft. In fact, we’ve seen him grow up from being 10 years old at the start to a young man who leads The Alliance in the war against Sylvanas.

Also as a fun thing to point out: Out of the original nine heroes of Hearthstone, Anduin remains as the only hero who still has not found his way into the Nexus yet. It would be nice to have a proper Priest character and see some fundamental abilities. It would be nice if, for the next HotS animated short, it features Anduin fighting off another villain from another Blizzard universe and have Varian come in and help.

Speaking of daddy, perhaps the best reason I could give for adding Anduin into Heroes of the Storm would be that he could be to make him our second possible Multiclass hero. Anduin follows in his father’s footsteps to a certain degree, but he is still a priest. Perhaps once he gets to pick his heroic ability, he could choose between setting himself up as either a tank or a true support. It wouldn’t be like he’d be as great of an assassin like his father, but perhaps the light could grant Anduin the ability to either help his team recover from attacks faster or be the one who takes the hits and keeps his team safe. Either way, it is with this in mind alongside other reasons that Anduin sits at the top of my list.

So what do you think?

Which characters from the various Blizzard catalog would you like to see become playable characters? Be sure to leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming as we will cover Blizzcon.

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