A free demo for the previously PS3 exclusive ‘Heavy Rain‘ is now available on the Epic Games StoreHeavy Rain had originally released on the PS3 during 2010, and it marked the first game that Quantic Dream had developed exclusively for PlayStation. But as of March of this year, Epic Games and Quantic Dream had formed a partnership that would allow 3 of it’s biggest titles to come to PC in the near future. This includes the aforementioned Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls, and their latest title Detroit: Become Human.

The demo for Heavy Rain is said to play through the first act. The demo page on the Epic Game Store states that “The demo will feature two full chapters from the game, in which players will immerse themselves in the roles of Norman Jayden.” He is “an FBI profiler brought in to help local law enforcement find and capture the Origami Killer, and Scott Shelby, a private investigator hired by families of past victims to bring their killer to justice.” Additionally, the demo will be in 4k, as well as 60fps, and it will have the capability to run on a widescreen monitor.

Heavy Rain had sold over 5 million copies in total, for both it’s PS3 and PS4 versions, as of 2018. As well as having a Metacritic score of 78 for the PS4 edition, no wonder Epic Games wanted it. A demo for Beyond: Two Souls is also set to release on June 27th, and Detroit: Become Human is yet to receive a demo and a full game release date. The full game for Heavy Rain will release on June 24th, and Beyond: Two Souls will release on the 22nd of July on the Epic Games Store.

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