Happy 2020 – The Witcher thoughts – God Of War 2?!? Power Up Podcast #98

Hello everyone, welcome to a brand new year for gaming and for the Power Up Podcast. Thanks for joining us for today’s episode and we hope you enjoy Episode 98 of the Power Up Podcast!

In this week’s show, Taylor and Anthony are joined by Matt to recap and discuss the last year in gaming and the week’s news.

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Kicking things off for the leading topic this week, the boys discuss the future of the Witcher video game series and just whether we may see Geralt of Rivia on consoles in the near future! We also discuss our thoughts on the new Witcher TV series on Netflix!

Following this, we discuss the future of the Initiative and how they are “Acquiring” talent from multiple studios from throughout the industry. What does this mean for future projects from the studio and what about the studios affected by these acquisitions?

Next up, we discuss the Star Wars event in Fork Knife…. I… mean Fortnite. Was there a hidden easter egg in the Star Wars event held in Fortnite? We discuss.

These were just some of the topics discussed in this week’s episode. Make sure you tune in each and every week over on https://mixer.com/culture_of_gaming You can also join our community discord group where you can chat to all the hosts who appear on the show as well as all the staff of Culture of Gaming.


You can also check us out on twitter @culturofgaming

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Anthony Dennis

Anthony is the Owner for Culture of Gaming and he spends his days studying, gaming and working on the site. Anthony has worked for the past 7 years in the Video Game journalism industry and has worked for over 30 different sites in that time.

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