Hanzo from Overwatch and Alexstrasza from Warcraft are both joining Heroes of the Storm. Check out the brand new cinematic for Heroes of the Storm, “Dragons of the Nexus.”

The Dragon Twins

The Aspect of the Red Dragonflight, Alexstrasza is a ranged support hero. She can heal her allies and transform into a dragon. Her main strengths are being able to provide both burst and sustained healing while also being the point of control.

Her main weakness is that she’s susceptible to dive compositions or any kind of back-line harassment. Part of her kit requires to use her own health to heal her allies but transforming back to a dragon regains lost health. Her heroic ability, Life-Binder, will set an ally’s health to the same percentage of another ally’s!

Hanzo is a ranged assassin just like his Overwatch counterpart. He can shoot from afar and act as a scout for the team. He is able to use his signature skills, like Sonic and Scatter Arrows, to provide pressure and reconnaissance.

Hanzo’s heroic ability is the same as his ultimate in Overwatch, Dragonstrike, which launches two rotating dragons across the battlefield. Anyone caught in Dragonstrike’s path will take damage, with an increase of 150% if the opponent is in the middle.

New features coming with this new update include a better camera and the addition of in-game voice chat. Blizzard announced that they plan to rework creep lanes and stealth heroes, and introduce new “evolved” mechanics. They’re including all these changes and updates for 2018 and re-tuning the matchmaking system to pair similar skill level players.

Blizzard developers also mentioned that Hanamura will return soon and that they’re reworking the map’s balance.

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