Halo: Infinite Wish List

It won’t be long before we hear about more details on Halo: Infinite from 343 Industries. With a swirl of rumors going around, from the game being used as a Games as a Service model base, to the game launching as a next gen title, there’s a lot to unpack.

Halo: Infinite Release Window

Ideally, Halo: Infinite will release between generations. With Xbox’s current reputation, they’ll need to make a large first impression with the reveal of their next console(s). To assist with gaining many fans trust back, help improve sales, and lift the series long tarnished reputation, releasing it on both current and next gen makes some sense.


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This method attracts more players. But is also unlikely. Historically, Halo is the biggest series that attracts people to each Xbox generation. So, by allowing it to exist in multiple generations, they would directly hinder many people’s need to upgrade.

A PC Release

With the Halo: Master Chief Collection headed to Steam and the Windows Store, the expectation is currently set at the series continuing to exist on PC platforms. While this may very well rely on the collection’s success, it is unfair to assume it will make a strong impression.

So, a PC release is ideal. Even if it doesn’t happen at initial launch. This will largely help cement Xbox’s want to include as many player’s as possible. Plus, as one of the most influential FPS series in history, it’s about time we can play it at 60fps and 4k.

Master Chief

Halo 5: Guardians made the mistake of not putting the focus on Master Chief. Agent Locke was an understandable risk. They wanted to expand on Halo lore by giving us another protagonist to root for. Unfortunately, by doing this, and their less than truthful marketing campaign, they caused fans do the exact opposite. Instead of rooting for Locke, everyone rooted against him.


For many, playing as Locke was a major let down. The game did allow you to play as Chief as well, but the amount of time they gave you was unsatisfactory. By giving the reins back to Chief in full, they’ll be taking the first steps in winning back the fan base. We don’t care about Locke. Give us Master Chief, please.

Halo Multiplayer

One of the aspects of Halo 5 that no one can hold against it, was its exceptional multiplayer. Basically, keep most of what made the multiplayer great, and just work on improving it. The game modes were a great mix of classic Halo and new ideas. War Zone was a great addition.


Unfortunately, the customization and rank systems are sub-par. We saw Halo 5 fall victim to loot box mechanics. It made the incentives for many Halo fans not worth the trouble. On this note, the developers have stated their intention to return to Halo: Reach customization.

Halo: Reach was peak Halo in many regards. Its customization system was one of those aspects. It gave players a level and allowed them to earn credits. The credits could then be spent specifically on the pieces of armor the player wanted, instead of it being random.

Fix the Story

Despite all its flaws, Halo 4 had a truly beautiful ending. Sadly, the entirety of Halo 5 is spent on ruining said ending. So, 343 really needs to take a long and hard look at what makes Halo what it is. Innovation is great and is often needed even. But you have to be careful. Maintaining the qualities that make up the series, and respecting the lore is a must.


This concept has been one that 343 has consistently struggled with since taking over the series. If they can manage to tackle these issues and improve upon them, Halo: Infinite could top the series as one of the greatest entries to ever occur.

Halo: Reach Forge World

Give us Halo: Reach’s forge world back please. None of the other “forge worlds” you’ve done since have been good. Just give it to us. With how great Halo 5’s forge mechanics are, it would be one of the game’s greatest features.



Give us back traditional firefight. War Zone fire fight is alright, but a more traditional, single player experience is also needed. It would be even greater if you included a Forge option that allowed players to make firefight maps and place AI Pathways.

This would be an ideal direction to take the series in. It’s cool, new, unique, and doesn’t tarnish any qualities of the series.

That’s Basically All.

There’s plenty more too. Such as couch co-op (which is stated to be on the way).  But these are some of the biggest, and my most anticipated wants.

What do you want to see in Halo: Infinite? 

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