The hero that Bizzard has been teasing for the past few days has finally come into the light, and he’s out to heal and to hurt. Hailing from Haiti, Jean-Baptiste Augustin (or simply Baptiste) is a support hero with a tragic, covert past.

As an orphan, Baptiste joined the Caribbean Coalition for financial support and housing. He trained over the years as a medic, and eventually transitioned into a support role at Talon, the group of baddies inhabited by Reaper and Doomfist.

Baptiste deserted, and was hunted down for his decision. Captain D. Cuerva and Baptiste’s former compatriots were dispatched to kill or apprehend the rogue.

Baptiste is a medic, but despite that, he’s also a versatile marksman. As he confidently states in his debut trailer: “I am going to make a better world. For some, that means a bandage, for others, a bullet.”

There’s no definite release date for Baptiste quite yet, but we don’t doubt that he’ll be hitting the Overwatch Public Test Region program fairly soon.

The last character to release for Blizzard modern classic shooter was Ashe, a heavily-accented Western gal with a ten-gallon hat and a pump-action rifle. The last support character, however, was 2018’s Swedish whip-wielding Brigitte.

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