Gran Turismo is a racing game series that has been around for 20 years. How do you celebrate that milestone? With a new beautiful game of course! Gran Turismo Sport is a racing game that is extremely enjoyable to play. The graphics are so realistic that I felt like I was in the driver’s seat of every single race. The sounds bring the game to life with every gear change or revving of the engine. This game is very well put together. If you are a racing game fanatic, you need to get your hands on this.

Racing For Everyone

The game boasts that it is made for beginners to experts alike. If you have never touched a racing game, the team at Polyphony Digital made sure you wouldn’t be left behind. Booting up the game, it highly suggests that you play the driving school mode. Here, you will learn the mechanics of every detail of the race. From braking, throttling, and turning, the school mode will tell you everything. There are 48 lessons in the driving school. While that seems like a lot, you get good rewards for completing them: Cars. The game is a progression system for leveling up, meaning that when you level up, you unlock new race tracks and features to enjoy the game. In this game, you can even modify your racing suit, helmet, and individual cars. You can add logos and symbols from your favorite racing team or brand to personalize your appearance in the game.

Gran Turismo Sport

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The Experience

There are several modes to play in this game. Arcade mode is your suit up and race hub. This is where you go to just hit play and start racing AI opponents in a single race. In this mode, you can also do time trials, drift trials, or set up your own custom race. Another fun feature of this mode is this is where you go to play offline two-player races. In this mode, you also have the choice to play the virtual reality experience. I never got to enjoy the hands-on experience of this part of the game, but to know that it was available makes me want to experience the game in VR.

Campaign mode isn’t exactly what it sounds like. This mode has the driver school, which has the 48 challenges to learn the mechanics of the game. Mission challenges is where you can do several tiers of fun missions to earn experience and, yes, even new cars. This particular mode was the one I personally had the most fun playing. You do short races to come in first place or play modes where you can knock over as many cones in a short allotted time. Last, but not least, is the Circuit experience. Here you will do full races to improve your time and learn full tracks to become a better racer.

Sports mode is the mode for online racing. One thing you have to do right off the bat before starting is to watch some driving etiquette videos.  The reason for this feature is to make you a better driver by being conscious of the other online racers around you. This game will penalize you for intentionally knocking cars off the track, bumping cars, and swerving so other cars cannot pass you. This feature shows you that Polyphony Digital wants a clean and honest race, not just who can push who out of the way to gain the lead.

Multiplayer is exhilarating and is a big part of the experience. As you race online, you earn several rankings from doing well or not well at all. You can set up tournaments for the weekends, or jump into single races with this mode. Playing multiplayer let me see that I wasn’t the worst driver, but it quickly showed me that I wasn’t the best either.  I was gripping my controller harder around every corner to pass the opponent in front of me just to be higher up on the leaderboards and to get higher rewards.

Gran Turismo Sport

One of the most stunning modes in this game was Scapes mode. Here you have multiple options of varying locations to take your favorite car, or cars, from your garage and take some stunning photos. You can change the way your cars look by changing the filters, or, for the more advanced photo editor, change your tones and contrast of the various scenes. From here you can snap a photo and save it to your library, or share it to your favorite social media website. I have seen several photos that other Gran Turismo players have taken and if I hadn’t tried taking pictures in the game myself, I would have sworn their pictures were real. The way you can make these pictures so lifelike is outstanding to me and I wasn’t even playing on a 4k tv.

Absolute Realism

The attention to detail is something this game did right. This game’s graphics are so beautiful and detail oriented that there were many times I had to tell myself that I am not racing in a real car. The colors are crisp and realistic. It is like you are watching a T.V. program of your favorite race. The team pays attention to detail so much that, when you are in first person mode, everything from the steering wheel to the air vents has detail. The steering wheels have a grit-like texture that you can visually see and imagine what it would be like sitting in each car. The sounds are so well done that, when you change camera perspectives, the sounds change as well. The car’s engine is louder when you are in the driver seat as opposed to hovering in third person mode where the engine is quieter. Each engine and car is different, so you are not going to get the same sound and experience in every car. When it comes to attention to detail, Gran Turismo Sport cannot be beaten.

Gran Turismo Sport

The only flaws I can find with this game is that, when I am racing and looking outside of the track, the graphics are lazily done. The trees would occasionally look blocky and the crowds would be blocky as well. Furthermore, you have to constantly be connected to the internet to play this game. If you aren’t online, you can’t play the arcade mode and cannot level your character up or get more races and cars. These are minor problems in the grand scheme of things to an absolutely amazing video game.

Attention to detail
Great for beginners and experts
Leveling up progression
40 cars and more coming soon
Outside of the race tracks graphics felt lazy while racing
Online only

Review Summary

Gran Turismo Sport is an excellent game for all types of drivers. The attention to detail and sounds are what make this game stand out from its competitors. It is a must pay for every racer.

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