Incoming Transmission…Code Black

DC Fandome has revealed a trailer for their upcoming game called Gotham Knights. Developed by Warner Brothers Games Montreal. The trailer begins with an incoming transmission: Code Black. The message received is of Bruce Wayne/Batman leaving his final words and orders to his former and present sidekicks: Jason Todd/Red Hood, Barbra Gordon/Batgirl, Dick Grayson/Nightwing & Tim Drake/Robin to protect Gotham City in his stead.


The trailer shows gameplay of what looks reminiscent of the Arkham games showcasing each character’s abilities. Robin uses his staff to not only fight off his enemies but as means to teleport to confuse his foes. Batgirl uses her grapple gun to perch vintage Bat Family style to perform takedowns. She is also seen using the Tonfa as a weapon of choice. Nightwing has his acrobatic skills performing air-flares to take out his enemies with swagger. Red Hood looks to be the heavy with his guns and gruff style of combat. The trailer then transitions to some co-op 2 player gameplay showcasing the possibility of doing tag team moves between characters.



The Knights look to have their bat bikes in the Gameplay Walkthrough video as players will be able to jump in to a session at any time. There is also a leveling system which shows enemies at their current level which the player will have to make decisions whether to arrive in a higher level area under-powered. Players will have the freedom to play their preferred style whether they want to go in a more stealth fashion or just fists & weapons hot and make alot of noise. Gotham Knights is set for release in 2021.


What are your initial thoughts of Gotham Knights? Excited? Have questions or concerns? Be sure to post them on the comments below! Looking for more DC Fandome coverage? Check out Jovan Newsom‘s article on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League!

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