Google Stadia will offer free trials a few months after launch. This is what John Justice, Google VP and Stadia head-of-product said during an interview at the Stadiacast. Justice defines free trials as a “high priority” feature.

“It’ll be a few months until they actually go out. I don’t know that I’ve mentioned this to anyone yet, so you might be the first. We will be adding trials.”

“We’re just working through what’s the right when and how exactly to set it up and you can imagine how busy things are now just getting ready for launch.”

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“So, there’s the launch stuff and then there’s OK, what do we want to do next, next and next after? And trials are something that’s high up on the list.”


Google Stadia


Then, when asked if “free trials” meant trials of the Stadia platform for non-customers or software trials for existing customers, Justice answered:

“Both really because I think if you look at our plan to make as many people be able to try this as possible, you want people, whether they’re already on Stadia, to let them go and discover new games, new things, stuff you haven’t tried.”

“And then also people who if you haven’t given it a try, we want to let you jump in just as easily as you can, so I think both of those things are trials that we want to support.”

This Is What Google Stadia Has to Offer

Google Stadia is set to come out in November 2019. The service immediately available will be Stadia Pro, a $9.99 per month subscription service. It gives you free games now and then, as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold would do. Also, you are granted the service’s highest streaming quality. For the ones who don’t want to subscribe to the service, Stadia Base will launch later in 2020. Stadia Base will allow buying the games you want to play while renouncing to the free games.

Google also offers the possibility to buy the Stadia Founder’s Edition for $129. The Founder’s Edition includes a Night Blue Stadia Controller, a Google Chromecast Ultra, 3 months of Stadia Pro, a 3-month Stadia Pro pass for a friend, and Destiny 2 complete with all of its expansions.

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