God of War 2nd Anniversary: What to Expect Next

God of War was released on this day two years ago, and gamers around the world nearly put their lives on hold for it. And the hype only increased with time, as the game had so much for us to uncover. It revolved around a story of father and son, but it also dipped its toes into a dark mythology that held danger and wonder alike.

God of War won Game of the Year back in 2018, and rightfully so. The game delivered a powerful message, brutal action, and a captivating story that left many wondering what’s next for the franchise.

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Atreus’ Story as Loki

The player is made to think that this is Kratos’ story until the very end, when it’s revealed in Jötunheim that it’s actually Atreus’. Atreus isn’t just the son a Greek god, but he is also a Giant. More importantly, he is the infamous Loki, the God of Mischief.

Atreus’ future looks muddled, as he will try to follow the path his mother and father laid out for him. But if we take into consideration actual Norse mythology, it’s hard to ignore that Loki is the brother of Thor. And this is hinted at in the game where Modi, Thor’s son, said that he was going to make Atreus his new brother. If this is how the story develops, it will add many extra layers of complexity to the relationship between Kratos, his son, and the Norse Gods.

Furthermore, should Atreus become an Asgardian in the future, it will certainly have an impact on the outcome of Ragnarok. As many know, Ragnarok is a battle between all of the creatures of the nine realms that will bring about complete destruction. But, if Atreus decides to join Odin, Thor, and the rest of the Aesir Gods, Ragnarok could take a different trajectory. It could easily mean the complete dominance of Asgard over the rest of the realms, resulting in the death of many characters both old and new.

However Santa Monica Studios decide to develop this twist, one can be certain that it will expand the story deeper and further than ever imagined.

Bigger and Better Open Worlds

There is so much more to see, and everyone wants to see it. Even if Atreus does join the Aesir, Kratos will find a way to rescue his son and bring him to reason. This will ultimately lead him to the remaining realms of the Norse world — perhaps even further.

Even after one completes God of War, Asgard, Vanaheim, and Svartalfheim remain locked. This is, of course, so players still have new worlds to explore in future games. These three worlds are likely to have a massive impact on the story, but they are also just as likely to be massive in-and-of-themselves. We should expect to explore new worlds the way we explored Midgard, with side missions that allow players to dive further into the stories of each realm.

But new open worlds shouldn’t stop there. Other mythologies were mentioned, and said to have been explored by Tyr during the scene of “the missing panel” in Odin’s library.  It’s still unclear how, why, or if Kratos will travel to these new worlds. But if he does, the implementation of these new mythologies and their worlds should be as comprehensive as it was with Midgard.

More Boss Fights

In God of War, players battled a dragon, Baldur, and all of the Valkyries. Each fight was incredible in their own way — particularly, the fight with the Valkyrie Queen, which to this day sends a chill down my spine. Hopes are high for boss fights in the sequels, and we highly anticipate fights with the likes of Freya, Thor, and Odin. After all, these are the main antagonists of Kratos’ and Atreus’ tale.

With God of War officially turning two years old, one can only expect great things in the near future. The story, gameplay, and graphics make it an all-time fan favorite. Surely future installments will follow the glorious path, making the wait feel like 100 winters.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Interested in some of our other God of War content? Check out our character study of Atreus!

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