Ghostwire: Tokyo Announced.

It is no surprise that most things that Shinji Mikami has anything to do with will come off as horror.  The case with the new game he introduced at the Bethesda E3 conference is somewhere in between horror and action.  Tango Gameworks’s new game reveal was for Ghostwire: Tokyo, and it looks filled with paranormal delight.


Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming from Tango Gameworks, the developers behind the Evil Within series. Bethesda is the publisher of the title.  The game was described as an action-adventure title.  The trailer shown featured scenes of Tokyo, Japan, where normal people were going about their day.  Soon people begin to disappear, leaving behind clothing only.  It was impossible to ignore that umbrellas and rain were heavily featured throughout the first look.  Figures with umbrellas seem to be the cause of the vanishing people, as at one point one is seen reaching out toward someone who then vanishes.

We get a first look at what seems to be the player character, a hooded figure armed with a bow.  The world of Ghostwire: Tokyo seems to focus heavily on Japanese culture and urban legends.  In one scene there is a figure wearing a Japanese Oni Mask as well.


Little was shown about the title but it seems that it will be action heavy with a slight focus on horror elements.  The transition of combat in The Evil Within could do very nicely in a more intense environment game wise.  With no release date featured in the trailer as well, speculation on when it will come out is up in the air.

Players will be fighting this new form of evil throughout Tokyo with special abilities and a bow that seems to do a number on these new baddies taking over the city.  Keep a lookout for more information on this new title as it comes out here on .


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