GFinity Elite Series Season 4 Week 1 Wrap-up

At long last, GFinity season 4 is in full swing. The Rocket League, FIFA 19, and Street Fighter V tournaments all kicked off last week, and they didn’t disappoint. Here’s a brief recap of last weekend’s brackets.

Fifa 19


The season kicked off with their first FIFA 19 competition. exceL esports and Method, two prominent teams at GFinity, were pitted against each other for the first round. While Method had an early lead-off at first, exceL came back thanks to some team plays from Spaceeh and Klutch. This netted them the win at 4-1. Round 2 saw Dream Team Gaming and Team Envy hammer it out against each other, but unfortunately, Team Envy’s extensive experience was too much for Dream Team, nearly shutting them out at a 4-1 win.

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In the third face-off, Manchester City Epsilon and AS Roma Fnatic (current GFinity Fifa Champions) dueled. These are two of the best Fifa teams in the world, so it makes sense that it ended up being the most exciting match of the night. In the end, Man City won out at a 6-0 shutout. For the final match, Hashtag United and newcomer ASUS ROG Army battled it out. While ASUS ROG took one of the best shots on Friday (a bicycle kick), Hashtag United ended up taking the victory.

Rocket League

Rocket League

A day after the FIFA 19 competitions, Rocket League took center stage, as excel eSports and Method faced off in three-on-three matches. Because of some excellent mid-air plays, method ended up taking the victory 3-0. Reason Gaming and Team Envy were next, and because of experienced players like Calix and Pugsay, Reason won out the match 3-0.

Epsilon eSports and Fnatic were up to bat next. Even though Fnatic was in the lead initially, Epsilon eventually pulled through with a 3-2 victory. Finally, Hashtage United and ASUS ROG Army squared off for the final match of the afternoon, with coach Doomsee leading United, despite a broken wrist. It paid off – United pulled home the win 3-0.

Street Fighter V
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Street Fighter V

The final game of the weekend was Street Fighter V, and like with the other games, exceL Esports and Method were the first to fight. Not to be bested, Method’s ImStillDaDaddy defeated exceL’s Brian. In the end, Method won out 4-2. Reason Gaming and Team Envy went up against each other, with back and forth wins between both sides. Envy pulled forward with a 4-2 win by the finish.

Fnatic and Epsilon Esports were the next to battle. Despite some trash talk between the opposing forces, the players were still professional and friendly to the end. Fnatic proved victorious with a 4-3 win. And finally, for the last game of the weekend, Hashtag United and ASUS ROG Army dueled to the death. ASUS ROG’s Shivs and JonesArcade unfortunately couldn’t compete against Hashtag’s Jester and Jokerz. Hushtag United won the night with a 4-2 score.


That about wraps it up for GFinity’s first week! Be sure to stay tuned GFinity’s site for more details on their schedule for the upcoming weeks and months.

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