Just got back from watching AquamanLiked what you saw and want a little more? Well, look no further! This guide will help you delve into the depths of the sea, and learn everything you need to know about your favourite King of Atlantis.

Who is Arthur Curry?

While his origin has changed throughout the years, there are a few consistent facts throughout his history. Arthur Curry is the hero known as Aquaman, and he becomes the King of Atlantis. Arthur Curry is half human and half Atlantean. This gives him a unique perspective as a ruler of Atlantis. However, it also is a cause of many troubles. Due to the rough relationship between the surface and the sea, many of those Arthur rules over, neither trusts him or plans to follow him.

Aquaman is one of DC’s staple characters and a founder of the Justice League. Aquaman first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 before later receiving his solo series. From there, he’s done everything from saving the world’s below the ocean waves, to saving the universe itself.

Where to Begin?

New 52 Aquaman

For starting the journey into Aquaman comics, start with New 52 Aquaman (vol. 7). The series began towards the end of 2011, and lasted for five years. The majority of the storyline was written by Geoff Johns. The series works to break down the idea that Aquaman is a weakling who can only talk to fish. Johns does a great job of showcasing Aquaman’s abilities, while simultaneously fleshing out his mythos. It also doesn’t require any previous reading to understand, as it’s the first series for him after DC’s Flashpoint,  it rewrote a lot of DC’s history. Look into getting a copy of the first volume here.

Rebirth Aquaman

After the end of the New 52, an event called Convergence took place. After this event, a new line of DC titles were slowly rolled out under the banner Rebirth. Rebirth was a sort of soft reboot. Dan Abnett, who wrote the last few issues of the New 52 run, continued to control this run. So, this run focused heavily on Arthur’s role as a leader. The origin is behind him, and Abnett is focusing on developing the character into new ways. Rebirth Aquaman is a good place to follow up his great New 52 run, even if it doesn’t quite hold up.

Mera: Queen of Atlantis

Now, this is a mini-series that takes place during Abnett’s Rebirth run. The main series will prompt you when to read this, as they tie together. This mini is focused on the struggle of a powerless Mera, and the potential return of Ocean Master to his villainous ways. Mera: Queen of Atlantisis a short, yet decent read, that will add some diversity to your binge reading.

Moving Back

Aquaman (v6)

The 2003 run is considered to be one of the best runs in Aquaman history. So, once you’re caught up with the current continuity, it makes sense to go back and revisit some of his greatest moments. And this run showcases a new power set for Arthur, as he goes on a journey of healing.

Aquaman (v5)

Now, Peter David’s Aquaman run is often considered to be the Aquaman run to beat. While it is held down by a lot of the issues that plagued the 90’s comic era. If you’ve read everything else up to now, and still want more, then definitely read this. But, it gets really edgy sometimes and is pretty dated.

Aquaman (v3)

Aquaman v3 is a limited series from 1989. It involves an invasion of Atlantis and a rough patch in Arthur and Mera’s marriage.

Extra Reads

Craving more Aquaman? Check out any of these runs for more.

  • Aquaman (v1)
  • New 52 Justice League
  • Aquaman (v2)
  • Aquaman (v4)
  • JLA (v1)
  • Aquaman and the Others
  • Aquaman: Time and Tide
  • Brave and the Bold (v1)
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • JLA Incarnations 
  • Blackest Night
  • Brightest Day
  • JLA Classified 
  • JLA: Year One
  • Justice League of America (v1)
  • Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis

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