A collaboration between the Pokemon Company and Japan’s Iwate Prefecture results in a new Tourist Ambassador (Geodude). This was announced yesterday on the official Pokemon Company‘s Youtube channel. The video showcases different locations in the Iwate Prefecture that the giant Geodude will be in. The most noticeable thing about the costume is the legs. Geodude is a floating rock / ground type Pokemon who first appeared in the first generation games (Pokemon Red and Blue). So, to have a costume with legs might seem a bit strange. Thankfully, for the designers humor, the costume has a transparency pattern for the legs, similar to the one in Photoshop and other photo editing programs.

Geodude was chosen to be the Tourism Ambassador of the Iwate Prefecture because ‘Iwate’ roughly translates to ‘Rock’ and ‘Hand’ in Kanji. In which, Kanji is used as a Logogram in Japan. Japan has also received a number of Pokemon themed Tourist Ambassadors including Pikachu, who became the Ambassador to promote Osaka for the Host City of 2025 alongside Hello Kitty. As well as Sandshrew for the Tottori Prefecture, Chansey for the Fukushima Prefecture, and Slowpoke for the Kagawa Prefecture.

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Geodude also received a theme song in the Ambassador reveal video which was vocalized by Kazuo Sato from SaToMansion. The theme is called ‘Iwate Prefecture x Ishibutbute’, and ironically falls under the rock genre. The video description also reveals that the unique artwork for Geodude was illustrated by the graphic designer Ogasawara Yudai.

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