It was almost two years ago when Kotaku reported on the sexism present at Riot Games. The developers of League of Legends, who made around $1.4 Billion in 2018 from that game alone. Now Riot Games are in a ‘gender discrimination lawsuit’ for their treatment of female employees. They were reported on trying to stop their employees from taking them to court. Using clauses in their contracts to force them into private arbitration. So the female employees wouldn’t appear in front of judges or jury’s.

The staff have said that Riot Games haven’t done enough to combat these concerns. also reported that the state of California thought the lawsuit could be worth around $400 Million – not the original $10 Million.

Now a new legal team has been introduced to support the case. This includes one of Southern California’s “Super Lawyers” Genie Harrison. Harrison has a track record of dealing with cases against Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. She told Gamespot:

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“These brave women spoke out against gender inequality and sexism, and I want to make sure they are fairly compensated. Our well-qualified statisticians are already analyzing pay data. We intend to recover the compensation due to the women of Riot Games and achieve institutional reform, in order to level the playing field for women.”

Riot Games have issued a statement responding to claims from the DFEH (Department of Fair Employment and Housing), claiming that the $400 Million sum isn’t as fair and accurate as the $10 Million one. Part of this statement reads:

“the analysis and discussions which led to the earlier proposed settlement were comprehensive and thorough, and we believe that the proposal was fair and adequate under the circumstances. We’re committed to working collaboratively to reach a resolution that reflects our commitment to move forward together, but it needs to be one that is justified by the underlying facts.”

With the arrival of a new legal team backed by Genie Harrison, it seems this case has more developments incoming. We’ll keep you updated as we hear them.




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