Gears 5 was present in a big way at the Xbox E3 conference. Receiving new trailers, a new game mode, an ultimate edition, and a surprise collaboration with the Terminator franchise.

Rod Ferguson, head of the Coalition, took to the stage to make a series of announcements regarding the upcoming instalment of staple Xbox franchise Gears of War. Two trailers were dropped during the showcase: a short video showing the main character’s instability, and another showing off their new 3 player co-op game mode ‘Escape’.

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The new ‘Escape’ game mode sees three players each take control of as-of-yet unnamed COG soldiers who are attempting to clear areas of the Swarm infection, whilst escaping a gaseous bio-weapon of their own design. Aside from what is shown in the trailer, not much is known about this game mode.

Two multiplayer betas were announced alongside everything else; July 17 for the Versus Tech Test and August 19 for the Horde Technical Test. Anyone will be able to take part in these as they occur, and there is no word on how long they will go for.

Players will also be able to get early access to the game itself with the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition. This grants four days early access to the entire game before anyone who purchases the standard edition.

The final bit of news from the Gears 5 showcase is the surprise bonus promised to early adopters of the game, a Terminator Dark Fate character pack allowing the player to take control of the titular character for multiplayer modes. This is the first collaboration to occur in a Gears title.

Gears 5 is the latest instalment in the long running Gears franchise. Kait, who is of Locust descent, must investigate her origins and ultimately uncover secrets that will test the loyalties of those around her.

The game is set to release on September 10 on both Xbox and Windows PC platforms.


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