The “Ah S**t, Here We Go Again” GTA: San Andreas meme has recently exploded into popularity, taking over social media.

The endless memeable possibilities of that simple statement has seen the internet going full-blown crazy with it; perfect for even the slightest of annoying situations. And this time, we mostly have the gamers to thank for it.

We take a look at where the meme originates from and at how it all started.

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Where Is It From?

Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released on the PlayStation 2 in October of 2004. It didn’t take long for the open world, sandbox juggernaut to find a mass following and huge success. It sold over 17.33 million copies on the PlayStation 2 alone, making it the most successful game on the console.

The game starts off with the now infamous opening cutscene. In which Carl “CJ” Johnson is getting blackmailed by dirty officers, and following an altercation, finds himself being dumped in rival gang territory. And leads to the meme’s glorious quote,

“Ah s**t, here we go again. Worst place in the world, Rolling Heights Ballas country. I ain’t represented Grove Street in 5 years, but the Ballas won’t give a s**t.”

Check out the full cut scene below!

Rise In Popularity

According to Know Your Meme, it all began, as everything does on the internet, on Reddit. With the GTA meme referencing other video games and poking fun at repetitive clichéd gaming tropes. This all started off as reactionary images, but thanks to @ChaoticGeekCG the meme began its viral run. Giving anyone the power to meme the original quote to their hearts desire; turning it into a very giffable meme.

From there, everyone else has taken over, spreading it like wildfire, with all sorts of references from football to Game of Thrones. And so, followed a barrage of inside jokes, niche references and the dankest of memes.

See some of my favourites below:

[metaslider id=35319]

Make your own and let us know what other gaming scenes have memeable potential in the comments below.

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