Even though there are many positives associated with video gaming, it also remains a fact that people get addicted to it and end up causing harm to their health. Gaming addicts often spend anywhere from 20 to 40 hours per week (sometimes even more) on their favorite games, neglecting their day-to-day lives and responsibilities, completely immersed in the virtual world.

A major reason behind gaming addiction, especially when it comes to Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, is the escape they offer from the realities of the daily life. As one gets better at these games, they serve as an easy means to get social approval and positive feedback from others. Gaming addiction can be related to online casino games too and there are different authorities in the world who are taking measures to prevent it amongst the online casino gamers. For instance, Gamstop in UK enables players to self-exclude themselves from casino websites for a certain time period, thus giving themselves a breather from the non-stop gaming activity. Even though there are many games and slots not registered on Gamstop yet, the program is indeed delivering positive results on the whole. Let’s now acquaint you with some tips to help you tackle gaming addiction.

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Accept the addiction

The first step in tackling gaming addiction is to accept it. There’s a reason why experts are worried about losing an entire generation to video gaming! You can ascertain if you are addicted to gaming through various online questionnaires and tests. Don’t refrain from accepting the problem in the event that these tests return positive results. Rather be happy about the diagnosis and start taking remedial measures.

Identify its severity

Figure out the number of hours you play videogames each day. Have you ever taken leave from school or work just to play games? Do you show interest in doing anything else other than playing videogames in your free time? Do you regularly go out with your friends? Answer all these questions and put them down on a piece of paper. The idea is to assess the severity of your problem.

Take responsibility

A big mistake made by many gaming addicts is to hold others responsible for their habit. It’s an easy way out for them to shrug responsibility and put the blame on someone else. You should take total responsibility of the situation and accept that it’s you who makes the choices for your life. It is only when you take responsibility that you’ll be able to take that first step towards de-addiction.

Never go cold turkey

While quitting cold turkey might work for some gamers, unfortunately, it’s not the best method for everyone. Please understand that you developed this addiction over the years and can’t shun it overnight. You will require at least a few months, or perhaps even years to get over it. Your first step should be to limit your daily gaming time and then lower it gradually as you go along, by 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour, whatever works for you the best.

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