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In this week’s Show, Taylor is joined by Anthony, Andrew and Matt as they discuss Gamestop’s Plans to revamp themselves. E3’s plans for a makeover, and a potential court ruling against Valve.

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Kicking things off for our leading topic this week. The boys discuss how they nailed predictions for what Gamestop needed to do to become relevant again. The new store layouts, plans and events they are planning on hosting in stores. Could this be a revival of the brick and mortar gaming store?

Following this, Anthony discusses just what Kojima thinks of Death Stranding, the pacing of the game and just how gamers will feel playing the PS4 title. Could Death Stranding be a flop? Are you looking forward to its release? Let us know in the comments below!

Following this, Matt unveils E3’s latest plans for the conference next year and just what E3 will be turning into. Apparently, E3 will become a fan event, allowing fans and influencers to connect. E3 will no longer be a B2B event and instead will evolve to “suite the times” You can read all the information right here.

Next up, Andrew recaps Sony’s latest State of play and just what the showed off along with details of The Last of Us 2, what else we think may be at the event considering it’s just after TGS 2019.

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