Every time we see one of these hilarious “instructional videos” they always make for a good laugh. This latest Vault-Tech video features a new device called c.a.m.p. This device makes it easier for emergent Vault 76 dwellers to survive, allowing them to craft supplies as needed and get a head start in the now barren landscape of West Virginia.

Due to the nature of Fallout 76, players are encouraged to build settlements, theme parks and everything in between (by the looks of this video) to survive out in the wildernes. We aren’t too sure if this new c.am.p device will require initial resources fed into it to build your desired supplies, or when you first start the game you are given a limited number of resources capable of supplying you with the bare minimum of shelter. Time will tell.

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What are your thoughts on Fallout 76? Do you think the whole ‘Online element’ will suit this game, or will it take time for you to be convinced? All we know is that it’s already looking to be a fresh idea for the series which hopefully doesn’t disappoint.

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