Games With a Single and a Multiplayer Feature

With loads of games to choose from which type of game would you choose? If you’re looking to spend time with your friends online then you’d likely go for a multiplayer game such as PUBG, CS: GO, Fortnite and many other titles. If you prefer to spend some time alone then you’d go for a single-player game with a good story like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Uncharted or any other title to your liking.

However, some developers have been clever enough to merge both the single and multiplayer features hence giving players titles they can enjoy both online and offline. Here are some of those games:

Half-Life 2

It’s thanks to Valve Software that gamers have one of the most iconic game protagonists of all time. In the shoes of Gordon Freeman in this sequel, you’ll have to battle the Combine and help the Resistance overthrow them. You can follow this marvelous story offline along with the 2 episodes that serve as sequels. Another thing you can do is play online with your friends and blast each other with various weapons.

Casino Games

It’s no secret that the casino industry is thriving online. Thanks to online casinos like Novibet Casino players can enjoy a multitude of table and slot games from the comfort of their homes. These games are coupled with lots of bonuses and the chance to win big prizes.

If you like to sharpen your skills a bit before going online then there are also a lot of titles that let you experience a casino atmosphere without spending a dime. Such games are available for PC and mobile devices so make sure to find one that suits your needs.

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

Before Dawn of War appeared on the gaming market, Warhammer 40k was a board game. Thanks to its immense popularity it spawned several books, comics, and video games. Dawn of War was the first one in the series. In its essence, the game is a strategy game that lets you play as one of many races. The Orks, Eldar, Space Marines, and Chaos Space Marines are playable in the first one.

However, if you have the Dark Crusade, Winter Assault or the Soulstorm expansion pack installed you’ll get additional races such as Necrons, Sister of battle, the Tau Empire and others. The point of it is to control Tartarus by defeating the other factions. If you choose to play it online however, you’ll have to defeat the enemy team to win a battle.

Counter-Strike 1.6

This is CS: GO’s older cousin whose servers are active to this day. Although it’s an old game it’s great to play with your friends or anyone online. Naturally, you’d want to improve your skills before facing the pros online which is why single-player exists. Thanks to the existence of bots you can do so and become a proficient Counter-Strike player. Whether you choose Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists it’s up to you. What matters is winning the match.

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