At this time of year, more and more people are trading their outside activities for inside ones. Keeping warm, people are watching another festive film or playing some popular games. Not only are there board games, but there’s also card games and online games to enjoy. Some of our favourite online games can be found here:

For a game to grab the attention of an audience, there has to be a fun element. Rolling dice isn’t as thrilling as it used to be, almost every game has a die these days! But the best games have moved away from that and towards a spinning wheel. Spinning a wheel and seeing your result slowly unfold as is slows down gives the extra thrill gamers have been searching for. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular games that involve spinning.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life is one of the oldest board games that’s still played today, although in 1860 the game was known as The Checkered Game of Life. Throughout the years the game has developed and is now a family favourite under its new titleThe aim of the game is to collect as much money as possible whilst going through several stages of life.

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Players have decisions to make throughout the game, as we would in real life. Do you want to go to University to get a degree? Which career path should you take? You even stop to get married in the game with the opportunity to have children at a later stage. It ends with you retiring in a mansion, or if you don’t have enough money, a nursing home.

This game uses a wheel to decide how many squares you move forward. Similar to a dice, except this wheel can land on any number from one to 10. The game has had such popularity that it has many editions with different themes. It has also gone on to be made into a video game and a television show.


First marketed in 1966, this game is another which has stood the test of time. Although Twister will need more participation than you would first think. It features a spinner and a large mat, made from four different coloured dots: red, blue, yellow and green.

The spinner decides each player’s move. There are four sections it can land on: left hand, right hand, left foot and right foot. Each segment has a dot that mirrors the four colours on the mat. The player who is in control of the spinner will read out the results to the players on the mat. It sounds easy but can prove quite tricky when all four limbs intertwine with another person and spread across the floor.

Today, there are many adapted versions of the game. Whilst keeping the same premise, people place slippery items on the mat, such as jelly, making the tricky game fun to watch.


A classic casino game that will have you spinning over and over again. Invented in France before finding fame in the United States, Roulette has dominated the casino industry and is one of the most popular online and offline games.

Each player at the table places a bet on which number or colour they think will win. They have the option of every number from one to 36, and colours red or black. There are multiple bets you can place, each with varying odds.

When all bets are in, the croupier will place a small ball into the Roulette wheel, which mirrors the numbers and colours on the table. As the ball slows down, it will land in the pocket of a particular number, that number is the winner.

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