Games That Deserve All Their Rereleases

There are a lot of games that seem to get rereleased over and over. Some, you ask yourself why… but there are other rereleases that will always deserve rereleases. The following are three games that get rereleased over and over, but certainly deserve it.


It would be easier to list the consoles that Tetris has not found its way onto. Originally known as the title that launched a million Gameboys, Tetris is simple and challenging – addictive and never-ending. Tetris is a simple concept, and yet it seems that every year they come up with a new way to experience the game.

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There was an upside down Tetris of the Nintendo DS. More recently, you can play Tetris in VR with Tetris Effect. Just this past month, we can now play Battle Royale Tetris in the form of Tetris 99.

While you may not consider all of these changes “rereleases”, each version has the basic version for you to enjoy. With records being set all over the world, Tetris is not a game you could miss out on if you tried.

Street Fighter II

Is this one considered cheating? After all, a lot of the rereleases are on the same systems. Street Fighter II gets rereleased so often, so there are many different versions of the same game.

Some versions have slow controls, others speed it up. Certain versions have the boss characters as playable fighters, others have more characters than usual such as Cammy, Fei Long, and Deejay. Some have suped up HD graphics, while others have the original arcade look.

Either way, Street Fighter II changed the way we look at fighting games and their communities. This game is still being played in competitions all over the world. The fighters became classic video game characters, in their own right.

Like the other games on this list, Street Fighter II spurred a lot of copycat games. As you play them at home or at the arcade, alone or with friends, nothing got you pumped up quite like Street Fighter II.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is an infinitely replay-able game. If you replayed it every time there was a new release, there’s no way you would get sick of it. That’s mainly because the game doesn’t rely on its scares to keep the player engrossed.

As Leon Kennedy, you’ve already seen it all. In this mission, you have to save the president’s daughter. A cheesy setup to be sure, but a game you keep on wanting to come back to, all the same. Some players saw its gameplay as a bad direction for the series in the long run, but the over-the-shoulder action made for some great replayable moments. Especially after unlocking extra costumes and weapons after just one playthrough.

Whatever system you play it on, it’s a good time. Whether you play it on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or PlayStation 2. If you want to play on the Nintendo Switch, Wii, or GameCube. Or if you want to play on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, or iOS.

Resident Evil 4 helped define the modern third person shooter. It’s a game you just keep on wanting to come back and play.

But what do you think? Do these games deserve all their rereleases? What games do you think deserve their rereleases? Let us know in the comments below!

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I’ve been writing almost as long as I’ve been playing video games. I also do standup and improv. The game that made me realize that video games could be more than just a toy, was Metal Gear Solid 2.

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