I am a huge fan of watching speedrunners decimate games faster than I could ever imagine. It has been a journey of my own to get into speedrunning, and the root cause is a single event, the reason Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. Summer Games Done Quick is an annual charity marathon event that pits speedrunners against a slew of popular games. SGDQ 2019 was the most successful thus-far and raised over $3 million for charity.


Source: SGDQ Twtich Livestream

Every year, a huge pool of speedrunners submit segment proposals for Games Done Quick events. Each segment is a single speedrun of a game, occasionally with a few embellishments, like a race between runners. These runs can range from ten minutes upwards to about six hours. Each event is a week-long marathon, with games being run for the entire duration of the week.


Source: SGDQ Twitch Live Stream

GDQ gives away goodies supplied by third-party companies and other independent suppliers. Prizes can range from quilts, plushies, to hand-made paintings and replicas. The way it works is simple: viewers enter prize raffles by donating a certain amount. There’s also a main prize that requires around $250 USD donated, but it takes into account the total amount you’ve donated over the course of the event.

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However, the real prize of of Games Done Quick is the fact that as gamers, you get to be a part of something huge. GDQ is a way for gamers just being gamers to help raise millions of dollars each year to go to those in need. The $3 million raised by this year’s Summer Games Done Quick went to Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders provides aid to areas that are combat zones or are unable to cope with spreading sicknesses.


Since the event’s humble beginnings in 2010, the donation pool has grown more and more every year. In 2010, Games Done Quick raised $10,532 and the following year $52,520. This is a huge step from just $10,532 to this year’s total of $3,005,113. It makes me proud to be a part of this great community, and I can only hope that the events continue to raise more money for worthy causes.


If you’ve never checked out one of the streams, the upcoming Awesome Games Done Quick is a great time to get involved. The line-up of runs  always ranges from retro to newer games, and it’s a blast to watch as goals are met and records are blown out of the water. The next Awesome Games Done Quick takes place in Orlando, Florida on January 5 — 12, 2020. This year’s AGDQ raised a whopping $2,425,790 — maybe next time we’ll even hit $4 million donated!

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