As the ever growing library on the Xbox Game Pass continues to change, here’s what’s coming and leaving in May. As for what’s leaving, it was announced that the Mega Man Legacy Collection, MotoGP 17, Comic Jumper, Ms. Splosion Man, and Star Wars The Force Unleashed I & II will be leaving on May 15th. On April 30th, Vincent Wang (Product Marketing Manager for the Game Pass) had revealed what games will be included into the subscription service.

On May 2nd the legendary fps Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be available, along with the turn-based tactics game Wargoove. Wolfenstein II takes place five months after the events of The New Order, as war-hero BJ Blazkowicz tries to hunt down Frau Engel (the female wing of the Nazi’s). Wargroove is a strategy game that sees Queen Mercia try to find help, in a hope of ending the war in the Kingdom of Cherrystone. On May 7th the intense mountain biking game Descenders becomes available on the Game Pass.

Later, on May 9th Surviving Mars, Tacoma, and Black Desert become available. If you couldn’t already tell by the title, Surviving Mars is about the challenges of creating a colony on Mars that will need to support human-life.  Tacoma is an adventurous game that takes place in the facility of the Venturis Corporation. The Corporation is desperate to find it’s AI, and it’s your job to discover the narrative through surveillance systems. As for Black Desert, the MMORPG sees the protagonist intertwine with a Black Spirit, as you set a quest to discover the secrets of the Black Stones.

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On May 10th the strategic RPG For The King becomes available, as you go on a quest to discover the truth behind the King’s Death. Lastly on May 16th The Surge and Lego Batman 3 are set to release on the service. The Hack and Slash game The Surge is set after a disastrous event which leads to robots, and other deadly foes wanting to kill you. Lego Batman 3 is set in outer-space, with DC heroes assisting Batman in defeating the evil Brainiac.

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