With countless tools currently available and new ones appearing on the market every year, it has never before been so easy to create your own video game. Whether you are a professional game designer or just creating games for fun, here are the tools you can use to turn your idea into a reality.

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Types of Game Design and Development Tools

Whether you aspire to make the next big platform game or a video slot game as good as the ones available at Kazoom Casino, there are hundreds of game design and development tools you can use in a plethora of different ways to make your game. Tools fall into four main categories: game design software, coding and programming tools, mobile gaming tools, and tools for art and visuals.

Game Design Software

Game design software is a specialized software application that is used for developing video game concepts, characters, the landscape, and so on. Although coding is required to create a playable game, there are several game design tools available that enable novices to make games without requiring too much coding knowledge. Here are three of the best game design software programs for 2021.

Unreal Engine 5

The Unreal Engines have been around for some time now, but Unreal Engine 5 is about to take the game design and development industry by storm. It was revealed in May 2020 and is expected to launch in late-2021. It will support all existing game systems, including the next-generation consoles Xbox Series X and PS5. One of Unreal Engine 5’s best-features is called Nanite. It enables high-detailed photographic source material to be easily imported into games.


While you wait for Unreal Engine 5 to come out, you can use the fantastic Unreal Engine 4. Alternatively, you can opt for Unity, which is currently enjoying just as much popularity as Unreal Engine. In fact, Unity has some advantages over Unreal. It is easier to learn, quicker to develop games and targets multiple gaming platforms. The latest stable version of Unity, 2020.2.2, was released in January 2021.


GameMaker has quickly risen to become one of the most popular game design and development tools on the market. That is largely due to its simplicity. Its drag-and-drop system enables you to create games much more quickly than if you were spending all your time coding. You can upgrade to the Master Collection or Professional versions to access more tools.

Coding and Programming Tools

The type of coding and programming tool you wish to use may be dependent on the type of game design software you use and your level of coding. Two of the most popular coding and programming tools are:

  •   Visual Studio. Microsoft’s Visual Studio developer suite supports multiple languages, editors, debuggers, and much more.
  •   GNU Tool Chain. This is basically the open-source equivalent of Visual Studio. GNU Tool Chain can work with almost every coding language. Whether you need compiling, linking, or debugging tools, GNU Tool Chain is ideal.

Mobile Gaming Tools

If you want to design and develop mobile games, you have two options. You can use Microsoft’s Visual Studio or use ARM’s software development tools, which enable you to build smooth-running and bug-free games.

Art and Visuals Tools

To create objects, components, and other elements of your game, you need a good art program. Photoshop still leads the way. It has more features and plug-ins than any other art-creating software. A good open-source alternative to Photoshop is GIMP. It can do almost everything Photoshop can, but it is not as user-friendly.

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