GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer

The Tool For Every Gamer


GameAssistant Team, creator of GameAssistant: The tool for every gamer, thinks they have created a go-to for automated game tweaking of player’s favourite titles. If you ever wanted to disable startup videos on a game, fix crashes, and so on but feared having to go into the config files, this new tool might pique your interest.

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With the GameAssistant tool, you can override FOV, disable effects like bloom, and enable cheats (when possible, GameAssistant is not a hacking tool). This and more is done without stepping foot in the config and registry files, making it super friendly for those who do not want manual edit the code of the game.

How Does This All Work

So here’s the catch. The game must be able to support the features that Game Assistant can automate. For example, if you want to set a 120 Hz / 144 Hz refresh rate of FPS limit or enable mouse smoothing, the GameAssistant must be able to modify the binary files, set process priorities, create directories and so forth for that game. Now, the developers know what you are thinking, and they want to be clear that “this is not a hacking tool that injects something into the running process, like programs that enable support for widescreen.”

To sum up, where this tool will step in is simple. The game will already have support for the features stated on GameAssitant’s Steam page that is not already displayed in the game options for everything to work.

The Gamer assistant tool supports about 200 games, look here to see if some of your favourites or currently playing titles are supported.

The developers are looking forward to having the community help them add support for more games in the future.

The price will be $9.99 for the program, and the special edition will be $5.99. Their planned release date is March 2nd.

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