With each passing year, one of the biggest industries in the world, the gambling industry, is continuing to look more and more like the gaming industry, another giant. This is probably because both industries share a similar product in terms of presentation, and in purpose: to entertain.

However, there is a lot more going on behind the surface, and the reasons for the similarities are not by mistake, rather by design. One of the biggest reasons is because of a calculated move that the casino industry made quite a long time ago, and are seeing the results of it today.

If you have played an online casino game recently and wondered why the gambling industry is looking similar to the gaming industry, continue reading to find out why.

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Casinos are using gamification

One of the primary reasons why the casino industry is beginning to look a lot like the gaming industry is because they are using something called gamification. Gamification is basically taking features or characteristics of video games, and applying them to other industries, such as the casino industry.

The earliest example of gamification in the casino industry is the use of leaderboards on the online casinos. These can be found on any of the casinos that Casino Reviews has written about, such as this one, and are reminiscent of the leaderboards that were used on arcade games back in the day, such as Pac Man. These leaderboards show players who has won the most recent jackpot, who has won the most, who has been with the casino for the longest, and much more.

Online casinos are best known for adapting to the times, and the use of gamification is one of the ways in which they are adapting to stay relevant.

Why are they doing this?

As mentioned above, the casino industry is using gamification to stay relevant, since new generations are now accessing their products, and found the casino games of old to be quite boring, compared to the other forms of entertainment that they are used to. The other reason they are using gamification is to ensure that they differentiate themselves from competitors.

There was a point in time, around 2010, when every online casino basically looked the same, offered the same games, and were struggling to create a niche in which they could provide an experience that the other casinos couldn’t.

With gamification, online casinos are able to do just that, as well as provide an enhanced player experience that is more interactive, since the video game industry learned how to do that by evolving into such a complex industry with a variety of genres and products.

Examples of gamification

At this point you might be wondering what this gamification looks like, since it might not be something that is easily identifiable at first glance, because the process has been quite gradual.

One of the newest additions to online casinos are casino games, specifically slots, that use story lines in order to give players a purpose to keep playing. Not only do these games have story lines, they also have missions that need to be completed, maps that can be traveled on and bosses to defeat which grant the players with rewards.

Other examples include the use of badges and customizable avatars to make the experience more reward and interactive, as well as the ability to level up the more a person plays. Some online casinos even have characters inspired by video game characters that act as a guide for new players.

Will this be a passing trend?

One of the biggest questions is whether or not the casino industry will continue to adopt gamification, and continue to include various features into their games. The current landscape seems to suggest that it will not be a passing trend for a few reasons.

The first is that there is a new generation of casino goers, both physical and online, and with an audience that is vastly different to the ones that have come before, the traditional casino games probably won’t remain the same for very much longer.

The other factor is that it is natural for the games to change since technology keeps advancing, and with new platforms, and devices to use, the casino industry intends on taking full advantage of them to attract as many new customers as possible.