– the internet casino games site – recently published an article based off a study. That study, which aims to raise awareness for gaming disorders and how to combat avid gaming, shows what gamers will apparently look like in 2040.

The site addresses the issue stating:

According to Limelight, the average gamer spends 6 hours each week playing online video games which is an increase of 19.3% in the last year. Gamers in the UK play the most (7.15 hours per week) with many even becoming addicts and spending up to 18 hours a day online.”

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At a time when people are being forced to stay indoors, are showing people what can happen to them if they don’t look after themselves or exercise. “We conducted in-depth research into every physical impact on the body and health of a human being from spending too much time indoors and online. And here is what we found out…”

The Warning of the ‘Future Gamer’

‘Future Gamer’ is a warning from, to those who whilst stuck in doors, fail to look after themselves. On their site they also show plans to help people gaming disorders and 5 tips to stay healthy. They are:

  • Exercise
  • Prevent Eye Strain
  • Healthy Diet
  • Posture
  • Hydrate

When talking about the plan to combat gaming addiction they write

The recognition of ‘gaming disorders’ has led to the NHS’ launching a long term planfor the UK’s National Centre for Gaming Disorders. The plan designed to combat ‘gaming disorder’ is headed up by Professor Henrietta Bowden-Jones, who revealed the constantly ‘on’ environment in gaming means that games easily becomes addictive, with players feeling the pressure not to let their teammates down by exiting the game, especially in a global digital world with no switch-off time.

They also attribute underlying issues like anxiety and depression as gateways to the addiction.

CasinoOnline’s statement about the ‘future gamer’ can be read in full here.

You can find the classification of ‘gaming disorders’ from the World Health Organisation here.

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