Mega Man 11 has hit store shelves, and I thought what better time to list off some really weird Robot Masters. Because this list only involves Robot Masters, this means no easy picks like Auto or Proto Man. And I may think that it’s strange that Roll has never been playable, but still. She’s not a Master. And she’s not strange enough. (And you know that if we could see her in action, she’d use her ninja cleaning skills to become unstoppable)

Ice Man has a nice coat, and Guts Man likes karaoke. But there are Robot Masters I think are just weird. As you can already tell, this list is personal. It’s not ranked by weirdness, but rather by which game they appeared in. Let us know which Robot Masters you think are strange in the comments below.

Bomb Man – Mega Man

The thing that stood out to me immediately about Bomb Man included that his red metal Mohawk makes him look like a rooster. But there’s more to this guy than meets the eye. Bomb Man can act as a bit of a daredevil, but it might surprise you to know that his sport of choice includes none other than bowling. Which makes sense, given his ability to roll bombs where he wants. Another strange thing about him includes his reputation among the Robot Masters as one who spends too much money.

Dr. Light created him at the same time as Fire Man. (Light may have intelligence, but not perfection) Ever since a lab accident in which Ice Man ran away, stating that he hates saunas, Bomb Man fears lighters and matches.

Metal Man – Mega Man 2

Designed after Cut Man purely for revenge against Mega Man, Metal Man loves to play Frisbee for fun. But when dogs catch them, it spoils his fun. He may seem lighthearted by this, but out of all the Robot Masters, Metal Man acquired the reputation of regularly getting involved in shady business deals. The weirdest aspect of him, however, involves how he can get defeated by his own blade in just one hit. Wily didn’t think through his armor.

Magnet Man – Mega Man 3

One must be careful when inviting Magnet Man over. His magnets can, even accidentally, erase any data you have on any magnetic storage mediums, such as a floppy disk. This Robot Master has a talent for management, in small things or for an entire team. Ironically though, while his sense of team direction is spectacular, his sense of actual direction is not. With that being strange enough, he also stays healthy with regular magnetic massages.

Pharaoh Man – Mega Man 4

Originally created to explore Egyptian ruins, Pharaoh Man changed his aspirations to ruling, once Wily took command over him. He despises those who intend to steal the treasures from his tomb.

A charismatic leader of a thousand Mummira robots, the strangest part about Pharaoh Man includes that for all the strength of a leader that he possesses, he turns into a timid coward when it comes to talking to women. This Egyptian pharaoh has gotten friend-zoned so many times, this makes him one strange leader. Will he ever realize that women are just people, and there’s no reason to become timid at the thought of talking to a pretty girl?

Stone Man – Mega Man 5

The thing that tickles me the most about Stone Man includes that he and Guts Man from Mega Man 1 are best friends. The two regularly see movies, and throw back a couple of oil cans together. But if you do go out for a drink with Stone Man, offer to pay occasionally. He hates stingy people.

Another quirky attribute of his involves just how adept he is at technology. I love the idea that when Wily can’t figure out his new tablet, he calls Stone Man to help.

Would you like see more weird Robot Masters? Who do you want me to cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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